Friday, March 8, 2013

My Retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood Story By Jharda'e

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood who lived with her mother in a  little cottage in the woods.  One day Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother was very sick and Little Red Riding Hood’s mother baked her some Custard Tarts to take to grandma’s house.

 Little Red Riding Hood’s mother said “I want you to take these custard tarts to your grandma”.  “Oh certainly I want to go for a walk through the woods” said Little Red Riding Hood. “Remember don’t talk to any strangers and also remember to keep on the path”.  Off went Little Red Riding Hood.

 On her way  to her Grandmother’s house, Little Red Riding Hood was skipping and singing la la la la la and she heard something in the bushes. She looked to see if she could see anything but she couldn’t so she just kept on skipping and singing la la la la. She heard that noise again

 She looked back and there she saw a wolf.  She forgot the rule not to talk to anyone.   So she talked to the wolf and told him where she was going. The wolf said “Do you want me to tell way grandma that your on your”? “Oh yes please, thank you very much I would really appreciate that”said Little  Red Riding Hood.
 Off the wolf went.  

On her way she saw a wood cutter and she said “Hi’’.  The wood cutter said “Oh hi’’.  “Where are you going?”  “I’m going to my Grandma’s house, I want to giveher some custard tarts to heal her illness”.  “What are you doing”?” asked Little Red Riding Hood.  I’m just cutting some trees.

“Ohh okay I’m going to go now”. “Bye, bye”said the wood cutter. Off she went.  The wolf went to grandma’s house, the wolf was knocking on the door and grandma said “Who is it?”Little Red Riding Hood the wolf said.  “Ohh come in’’. The wolf came in and gobbled her whole.   He also got into grandma’s sleeping hat.  Little Red Riding Hood finally got there and she knocked on the door.  “Come in” said the big bad wolf. Little Red Riding Hood
said “What big ears you have”. Better to  hear you with my dear”
but grandma “What big eyes you have better to see you with my dear”. “What a big nose you have”. “Better to smell you with my dear”. “What big teeth you have better”. “Enough to eat you with my dear.  Little Red Riding Hood screamed and the wolf ate her whole.

 The wood cutter heard Little Red Riding Hood screaming and he went to grandma’s house. He looked through the window and saw the wolf. He sprang into the room and cut the wolf open and Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood were in the wolf’s body. The wood cutter saw them and he got them out.  He said “Are you guys okay?”. They said “Yes thank you for helping us”. “Now we can go and eat some custard tarts”. They all lived happily ever after.   THE END

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