Saturday, March 16, 2013

My retelling of Little Red Riding Hood By Yvette

   Little Red Riding Hood

It was a hot sunny day when poor Little Red Riding Hood's Grandmother became ill. Little Red Riding Hood’s mother had baked some tarts and had some left over butter for poor Granny. “Little Red Riding hood, can you please take this basket of butter and tarts for gran” asked mother. “Yes” replied Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood put on her red cape and was about to leave then suddenly her mum shouted “stay on Bunnys Woods  path and don’t talk to strangers”. “Of course” mother said Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood lived in a small cottage in Bunnys Woods, there were only a few bunnies in Bunnys Woods that had ever been seen.

While Little Red Riding Hood was walking through Bunny’s Woods a wolf jumped out in front of her. “Where are you going little girl?” said the wolf in a mischief voice. She knew she wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone but she chose to talk to the wolf, she told him where she was going. “I’m going to my Grandma’s house to give her this bucket of goodies” answered Little Red Riding Hood.

“She lives 10 cottages away from here, make a turn left then walk 5 cottages down” said Little Red Riding Hood. Sadly poor little Red Riding Hood didn’t know that the wolf wanted to eat her. The wolf ran as fast as he could to Grandma’s house. He knocked on the door, “who is it?” said Grandma. “It’s me Little Red Riding Hood”, answered the wolf in a little girls voice.

“The door is open” said grandma. The wolf opened the door and swallowed grandma up whole. He put on grandma’s nightie and closed the curtain so Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t see him clearly. He went into her bed and pretended he was Grandma. Little Red Riding Hood finally got there.

She knocked on the door, “W\who is it?” said the wolf. “It’s me Little Red Riding Hood”. “Come in” said the W\wolf. Little Red Riding Hood put the basket on the ground, the wolf said “come in and snuggle with me”. Just when Little Red Riding Hood was going to hug grandma she noticed something different about grandma.

“What big ears you have Grandma”. “All the best to hear you with you my dear” said the wolf. “What great big hairy arms you have”. “All the better to hug you with my dear” said the wolf. “What big great eyes you have”. “All the best to see you with my dear’ said the wolf. The wolf couldn’t wait anymore he needed to eat, what great big teeth you have, “All the best to eat you with my dear” said the wolf.

He jumped out and swallowed Little Red Red Riding Hood whole. The Wolf was tired so he fell asleep in Grandma’s bed. The woodcutter came along and recognised the snoring. He opened the door and shouted “I’ve been looking for you” and then he cut his head off. He carefully cut the wolf's stomach and took Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood out and everyone was safe and lived happy ever after. Now all the bunnies had returned to Bunnys Woods.

The End.


leilani said...

hi yvette I like haw you did your little Red Riding hood yous more and it with be good if you do that all the time haw you do it is cool ever day from leilani

San Tat said...

Hey room 5 I like you little red Riding hood work up on you blogger