Friday, March 22, 2013

Our Green Peace Drama By Latisha

I was presenting Emily,  Maki was the Green Peace, June was the camera person and Linda was the reporter. It took a lot of time to get our work together and it was really frustrating. But we had finished our work in the right time. I was so pleased with my group because no one was mucking around. Only if we had two people in our group we could have some parents but it's okay because we had our group all set up. We had started this on the 21st March  and I found the right group to do it with and I think we did a really good job because the class were able to say what our roles were. The other groups did well too.    

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Tiare said...

Hi Latisha June Maki and linda

I liked your freeze fame it looked very good sorry I went out of you team but keep up the good work

From Tiare