Monday, May 20, 2013

My argument for wearing a school uniform By Thomas

Should we wear a school uniform at Panmure Bridge School? I think we should.

Why? well even though I can’t show you I can tell you so here goes


Identification: If you get injured or killed and I’m not saying this will happen you will be easily recognized. When my teacher Miss Paton was at high school she knew of a girl who was riding her bike to school. The girl collided with a truck and a bus and she died instantly. Luckily she was wearing her school uniform so the truck driver, the bus driver and all of the witnesses at the time knew who she was and could phone the school. Then the school could ring the girl’s parents. School uniforms are also very easy to identify while you are representing your school / club in sporting events or walking to school.

Valuability: Did you know that your school uniform is made out of the most hardest worked material and also you can put your uniform in the washing machine. While some of your mufti have to be hand washed and taken to the driers your school uniform can be washed anywhere.

Competition: Mufti can be very challenging to your parents here is an example. One day your best friend comes to school wearing some really flash shoes. You like them so much you beg your parents to have some, when they don’t have the money to pay for them this can be very stressful for your family.

I have only given you a few reasons on why we need a school uniform but there are heaps more out there. I think we should have a school uniform because it easily identifies you in a crowd or accident, is made from hard working and durable materials, while also affordable, you have no competition and it is easy on your parents’ budget.

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