Saturday, May 25, 2013

My argument on should we wear school uniform By Fine

My Argument: Should Panmure Bridge  students wear uniform?

Should Panmure Bridge students wear a uniform, well I honestly think we should.

I feel strongly that uniforms identify us as a school and can identify us in dangerous situations , for example:  If you're injured, witnesses could easily recognize your school uniform and find you medical help and alert the school.

Jealousy and theft could easily happen if we did not wear uniform, for example if we went for a swim unfortunately we could come back to find our clothing missing as others may take it.

Our uniforms materials are quite unique and are made for hard wearing and everyday wear. Instead of your mum/dad taking up all their time hand washing your home clothes they can just throw it into the washing machine and get on with their day. Also some home clothes can rip and fall apart easily while in the washing machine. This means for parents having to spend more money buying new clothes.

These are my main reasons for why Panmure Bridge School students should wear uniform because 1* It can identify us in dangerous situations, 2* Jealousy and theft could easily happen and 3* The materials used to make uniforms are very unique.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading over your argument as to why your school should wear a school uniform.
Your examples provide strong reasoning to why uniforms are better than wearing mufti to school.
Keep up the good work Fine.