Monday, May 20, 2013

Should PBS students wear a school uniform By Caitlin

Should Panmure Bridge School wear a uniform?

Should Panmure Bridge School wear a uniform. I think that we should because it shows that we are representing our school.

Our uniform means that we won’t get bullied because we all have the same uniform and it won’t get stolen. It shows what school you go to in case of emergency and dangerous situations.

It is good to wear a uniform because it represents you at sporting events and special events that you are invited to. When you go on a school trip, you could get lost. It would be easy to find your school because you are wearing a uniform that matches with the rest of the students.

Also our school uniform is made from a special kind of material that doesn’t rip for a long time and it makes you look nice, smart and tidy. It would be good for your parents because your uniform would last for a while and that means you don’t have to buy another one. Your uniform is durable and it could be but in a washing machine without it falling apart.

If we wore mufti clothes it would start a competition with other students because you both have different kinds of clothes. The other student might have cooler clothes than you and you feel like you want the same clothes like them. So you start pressuring your parents to buy labeled clothes for you but they can’t afford them.

I feel that school uniform shows pride for your school. These are my reasons on why Panmure Bridge School should wear a uniform.

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