Saturday, June 15, 2013

Should all New Zealand Schools have cafeterias? By Yvette

Should Schools in New Zealand have Cafeterias?

I believe Schools in New Zealand should have Cafeterias. I know cafeterias would be lovely in New Zealand schools. How will students get to school in time if they live far away?, How will parents make their kids lunches if they go to work early?, Why does cafeteria food taste better than supermarket food?, How is cafeteria food sometimes healthier than flavoured dairy products and junk food from the supermarket, and What do statistics say about this.

If students live further away from school and walk to school, it saves time for them to get to school instead of buying unhealthy food from dairies when you can order food from the Cafeteria at school, also you won’t get in trouble for coming late because you won’t be coming late.

Sometimes students parents don’t have enough time to make their own kids lunches in the morning because they work an early shift in the morning. Students might not be able to make their own lunches as well because their parents drop them off to school at the same time they go to work because they are not allowed to stay at home by themselves.

When you buy food from the Cafeteria it taste better than the food you get from supermarkets or dairies. When you buy food from supermarkets or dairies it doesn’t taste as good because it could be rotten or old, sometimes expired, it could also have so much fat. If you don’t like the food you get from the supermarket you would probably would want to throw it away. I know I wouldn’t want to throw Cafeteria food away. I have been to a lot of Cafeterias and none of their food taste yuck.

Cafeterias might provide healthier food than sugary food from diaries example. The lollies from the dairies and chocolate, and supermarkets example. Chippy packets and soda drinks. Sometimes people don’t see how much fat and sugar are in their food they buy, when there's too much fat and sugar in your food you can get fat and obese. When you buy food from the Cafeteria at school it would probably be healthier because the school would want to look out for your health.

According to health and children @ cafeteria food, some cafeterias in schools are sealing healthy fresh food from their local farm. With the healthy food in their environment it can reduce fatness and obesity, also it would help you grow healthy and strong. Now that they are stopping sealing junk food and sugary food students won’t get obese and fat, instead you would get strong and healthy.

 According to stats-on-your-childs school-lunches many studies have found that lunches from home are worse than lunches at school. Children who ate lunch at school got more nutrients in their meals than kids responsible for bringing their own lunches. Too many salty, sweet and nutrient-poor snack foods make up lunches brought from home. I have searched a lot of websites. Most of them say kids are getting obese and fat from these food they sell. I have found that Fruit was offered at nearly half the schools, with one giving it to students free. Just 30 per cent had sushi on the menu, while nearly all offered sandwiches or salad rolls. Four schools had a water-only policy so did not sell soft drinks. In 2006, the Education Minister at the time, Steve Maharey, and Green MP Sue Kedgley announced a $3- million-a-year nutrition fund to help schools provide healthier food. The Greens surveyed school canteens that year. I know Cafeterias and other food shops are getting rid of the junk and bringing back the healthy foods.

Therefore I feel Panmure Bridge School should have a healthy food cafeteria, where we can go and get morning tea and lunch at our convenience.

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