Saturday, June 15, 2013

Should Panmure Bridge School use iPads instead of class desktop computers?


I believe all classes should use iPads instead of desktop computers because I have an iPad at my house. I think it really helps you with your studies. Here is an example: If you have trouble with Maths or any subject and your netbook is broken, you can go on it through an iPad at school. There are lots of apps that can help you with your maths and it is a lot easier taking screenshots and shutting it down rather than doing it on the class computer / netbook. Ipads are not as heavy as netbooks so they will not fall and break the screen or any part of it.

In the holidays if you took your netbook home and you wanted take a picture of what you did but you don't know how? iPads are very easy to take pictures and post onto your blog. On your own iPad you would not be allowed on games just like netbooks but on iPads you can't go on computer games unlike netbooks except for literacy games your teacher puts up for you and the appstore as well because if you try to download a game you would need the teachers password first.

One of my favourite apps is Mathe Matics. It is where your parents or teacher creates a account for you just like Sumdog. If the students want to download an app that is not appropriate they will first need the teachers password because any App they download the teacher will have to check if it is safe first, not only is it easy for a typically technologically savvy person iPads help children, adults and the elderly.

iPads can save money and trees, you can also read books on them which can help you with literacy. iPads provide handfuls of information here is an example: If you're reading a book on the iPad and you come to a definition of a word that you do not know, it will lead you to a glossary or a dictionary! iPads make for a more engaging learning environment that hooks in reluctant learners. The large multi - touch iPad lets the children use their fingertips and this is very beneficial for younger children. The iPads are considerably cheaper than desktop or laptop computers while still providing excellent learning opportunities.

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