Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My argument on: Should Panmure Bridge School have a Cafeteria By Tim

I believe that Panmure Bridge School should have a cafeteria because it helps students get healthier and it helps them concentrate on their work.  It could also save money for your parents and yourself.

Firstly, Cafeteria foods are healthier than supermarket foods. The cafeteria can sell healthy foods like Sandwiches, Salads, Fruits, Yoghurts etc. All the supermarket foods sell is chip packets, lollies, Donuts, etc. The foods are unhealthy for the students to eat. Students can get healthier by eating healthy food from the cafeteria. Also it helps you concentrate on your work without getting hungry and distract you from your work.

Secondly, Imagine you’re sitting in class and your stomach is starting to rumble, the bell rings and you rush out the door and go to the cafeteria. You get your food and you eat it and there goes another bell it’s time for class. You’re so concentrated on your work you just don’t listen to your friends. YAY! you finished your work, just in time for lunch, where you can get more food to help you contrate for the rest of the day. This is why a cafeteria would be good because it can provide food to help students concentrate.

Thirdly, It helps someone in the community get a job, so they don’t have to be a couch potato and watch TV all day. They can work all afternoon or they could work all morning. They don’t have to sit around and get fat everyday with chippies in their hand. Working in a cafeteria can help people learn skills like cooking, counting money and customer service.

These are some main reasons of why Panmure Bridge School should have a cafeteria. I think we should have a cafeteria because it can serve nutritious lunches and healthy foods, also you can concentrate on your work without your stomach, distracting you and it can give someone an opportunity in the community to get job.  

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