Friday, July 26, 2013

Should Panmure Bridge School have a caferteria? By Cyprus

Panmure Bridge School Have a Cafeteria We should not have a cafeteria at Panmure Bridge School. I feel cafeterias should not have even been invented because some people waste their food and waste their money. This includes students, teachers and even people that work at the cafeteria. My reasons for not having a cafeteria are ingredients in the food,the cost of the food and the distraction of having a cafeteria in the school grounds. Students who may have an allergy may buy something from the cafeteria so they need to know the ingredients of the foods served at the cafeteria. Some students might not be allowed to eat food such as pork and beef and they could be in trouble if they ate those kind of things. Instead of healthy food which makes you big and strong junk food is mostly sold and this makes you fat and it could make you have a heart attack A cafeteria can distract students from doing their work and doing what they’re told because they might be hungry and can smell the food during class. The people that work in the cafeteria might poison the food and it could kill you. It might be too expensive and the poor people like homeless people. can’t afford it You could save money instead of wasting it on food like junk food. Conclusion:I feel we should not have a cafeteria at school. Some students might waste the food and it might waste the parents money. Students who might be on rubbish duty have to pick up wrappers on the ground. Healthy food in your body is important especially if you like eating too much junk food . Junk food is usually sold in cafeterias. Also if you keep showing money to people you might not recognise, someone might steal your money or food. This is my argument on should we have a cafeteria at PBS.

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