Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thomas' argument on Should Panmure Bridge have a cafeteria?

Lets go buy something from the cafeteria. You wait in line and finally its your turn to buy something and that chocolate muffin looks good doesn’t it, but wait how much money do you have? Oh no! you don’t have $4.00 do you? Oh well you have to come back tomorrow

First theme: Theft
Firstly I don’t think that Panmure Bridge School should have a cafeteria because it could increase the numbers of theft and could be an increasing problem and cause a lot of trouble for parents and could increase students to steal if they don’t have any food.

Second theme: Hunger
Some students at this school don’t have enough money to buy foods and if we had a cafeteria it would encourage them to steal. It would be a problem as we do not like people to steal. This could become a bad habit and when they are older they would end up in a dirty smelly cell. They could get beaten up by the other cell mates.

Third theme: Cost
I believe Panmure Bridge School should not have a cafeteria because the students may have to pay more than purchasing goods from the shop. At a cafeteria they might sell a chocolate ice cream for $5.00 but at the shops for $5.00 you could get a whole container plus a packet of sprinkles for that amount. As you can see it could be a lot cheaper at the shops than it is at a school cafeteria.

In this argument I have only told you a few reasons on why Panmure Bridge School should not have a cafeteria such as the cost might be too high, It could increase the amount of theft and it could make more kids hungry.

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