Friday, August 2, 2013

My Holiday Story By Latham

In the holidays I went to mini golf, to the movies to watch Despicable Me 2 and emailed Miss Paton in Chicago. She even emailed me back and wanted my address to send me a postcard and that felt amazing emailing her from another country.
In her email she told me that she saw the Niagara Falls, went to the aquarium
and went to Hawaii, I forgot what else was in the email but it sounded fun! I then caught up with cousins and got to try a lolly that I have always wanted to try. It was the new Natural Confectionary lollies.  They were a little bit sour but tasted like smoothies. I had McDonalds and at McDonalds. I also ate the biggest burger!
After I tried the lollies I went to a restaurant called Yum Cha which is a Chinese restaurant. Then we went to Sylvia Park to celebrate my dad's birthday. He turned 38. That was my biggest part of the holidays celebrating my Dad’s birthday and that is my amazing holiday story.


Patrick said...

Hey Latham

I really liked how you explaned what you really did in the holidays like how you watched Despicable Me 2 and how you sent a email to Miss Paton.

Keep the good work up.

Yvette said...

Hey Latham,
I loved how you explaned what you did in the holidays. It was really detailed. It was really sweet of you to send a email to Miss Paton.
Keep up the amazing work.

From Yvette