Friday, August 2, 2013

My Holiday Story By Lavinia

During the holidays it was my birthday. In the morning I woke up and my mum and dad gave me my present I loved it because I got some tops and some pants.  After that my mum and I drove down to my auntie's house and I got some more presents. Next my family and I went to Burger King for breakfast it tasted good.

Next we went to Pak N Save and got some lollies and chocolates with my three cousins. Then we went to Sylvia Park to go to watch Despicable me 2.   It was funny throught the whole movie my favourite part of the movie was all of it I couldn’t decide which was my favourite. I had such a fun day so we drove back to my auntie’s house and she made this mouthwatering delicious, cake when I tasted it was like I dipped in a chocolate fountain.

I had a great day but the day didn’t even end yet.  So me my mum and my dad went out to this restaurant called the Langham it was so fancy. When I walked in there was this big bright chandelier then I walked through a little passage and then a another chandelier and a big chat area a wine display the I kept on walking I saw people sitting waiters serving them and people eating fancy food.

So we took our seats and once that was done I could smell the amazing food. I just couldn’t wait to eat.  The waiter poured the water in our glasses and then I was allowed to go and eat. Then I walked in I saw a desert area, sushi area, curry area, meat area, seafood area and a bar. I saw what was in the desert area and there was a big chocolate fountain and there were other little desserts it was so cool.

 I tried some crumbed squid rings with lemon and lime all over them they were divine, after that I went over to the dessert area I got a piece of cake that was yum then I had some lamb cutlets and eggs after that I had some prawns, I had so much food I couldn't remember what I had ate it was such a great day, then I got a cake which it had on it “Happy Birthday Lavinia” and it had some chocolates to I had an amazing day and an amazing evening it was the best birthday ever!


Latham said...
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Linda said...

Hi Lavinia

It look like you had a great holiday
and happy birthday and your holiday story is so interaction and fun and keep up the holiday story.

By linda

Lani said...

hi Liavina that is realy good i like your hoilday store and hoes birthday is it because you know that you talking to your safe

jessie said...

Hi Lavinia

I really like your Holiday story and HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I hope you had a great holiday

June said...

hi lavina

I like what you did on your peice of writeing