Friday, August 2, 2013

My Holiday Story By Linda

   All about my  holiday

During the holidays my family and I we went to   the beach.We went swimming and the water was cold and my dad and uncles went fishing and they got a big fish.

They were happy because they could make an Otai. An Otai is not a very good tasting fish we usually eat Otai with potato and the potato is nice!

Then my mum and aunties said to us that if we
wanted to go to the park for a walk then we could go.

We said “yes please!” and then we went to the park and we saw lots of birds and people and it was amazing to me. It was amazing because there was a lot of interesting birds and people at the park.

At the park I met a new friend she was 10 years old and her name was Lotu and she said to me “would you like to come to my birthday?”

I replied “Wait, I will tell my mum.” I went to my mum and I said “Can I go to Lotus birthday?” and mum let me go and I was so happy and I went and told her and she said ok come over  to my house ok and me and my cousins and my mum and aunties we went back to our familys house and my dad said where did use go.

We went to the park and my dad told us that it was time to eat fish and KfC and a birthday cake and I said “Why is a birthday cake here” Dad replied “because it is your little sisters birthday” I thought it looked yummy and it was! It was a cheesecake and we sang the happy birthday song and which goes like this:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Kato
Happy birthday to you

Happy long lie to you
Happy long lie to you
Happy long lie dear Kato
Happy long lie to you

And then after we ate the cake and it was so yummy we packed up to go home and we gave her a present. I gave her a toy and a little teddy bear because she loves teddy bears.

We had a family meeting and then I said to my mum “I like the part where we ate the KFC and the cake because it was so yummy” and my mum said “let’s go to bed”.

    The End    

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