Friday, August 2, 2013

My Holiday Story By Raymond

In the morning I woke up and I was excited about my cousins birthday party and we had to meet him at  climb zone. After my breakfast we went to there and we waited until they came but  I said to my mum lets just go to our cousins house he might be waiting for us so we went off to his house and I saw a couple of my friends Aj Daniel and I said to daniel where's Tomas and he said he is coming to the birthday party and i said to sylis happy birthday and I gave him 20$
and then we went to climb zone and I felt nervous because it was as tall as the roof.

When we got there me and Thomas,Aj,Alex,Daniel and Sylis went to advencher time and we played tag and all of Sylis’s cousins and friend came and join us to play tag and one of the manger said to Sylis uncle that he was not allowed to be in here and then we all started to play again and me and Thomas found a secret hiding spot it was in a barrel and then sylis’s dad called us all for lunch and we had pizza,chicken from KFC,chips,and lollies then we but our harnesses on and we climb and the first one i climb was the king Kong building where he was fighting the planes and I climb it to the top and now I have faced my fears and I said when I was at the top I not scared any more and then I went down and then I quickly went back and ate more food and I was fool and I went back down to climb more zones and then Tomas finished all of them then  I finished all of them. Then me and Tomas whet to Adventure time and we looked for some more hiding spots and then I found one and i told Tomas then there dad called again because it was cake time and then we said happy birthday to you song and then we had some cake and the cake tasted like pure melted gold dripping out of your mouth and then we played hiding go seek no one found me Tomas and sylis. We hide in the barrel because no one would look down  and then there sylis friend look down and saw us and we went to go hide again then we hide in the dark gave and no one found us then we had to go because we needed to go to the matariki festival and we saw Lani there too and my aunt buyed us some glow bands that light up then we went back to my cousin sylis,es place and we played on our ipods,tablet and ipad we played despicable me 2 which you had to run and try and beat your friends score on my list I am coming first sylis is second place. Then we heard the fireworks and we went outside and we saw it with bang bang boom boom it was so cool my best one was the green one because it is loud and it is bright like the sun and then we went home and went to bed.

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