Friday, August 2, 2013

My Holiday Story By Tiare

On Sunday During the holidays I went to the Warehouse with my nan. I went with my nan to the Warehouse to get me some new shoes. It was really good because it was fun trying to pick my shoes but I couldn’t make up my mind so I got some black and white shoes.
When I got my black and white shoes and I felt so happy that they were so comfortable. After I got my shoes my nan and I went to get some butter chicken for food.  It was so yummy that I wanted some more butter chicken.

When my nan and I finished our butter chicken we went back home to get ready for church. After church was finished my nan and I went home and thought about dinner my nan and I thought about having mcdonalds so we went to mcdonalds and brought back the food it was a big day.

After we brought the food back my nan and I ate our mcdonalds and after that me and my nan had a sleep on the bed because it was a very big day for me and my nan because we went to the Warehouse, church and then mcdonalds so it was a very big day so after our big sleep we got up and watched television.

The End.

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