Saturday, August 17, 2013

San Tat's virtual trip to the landforms

This is me on a mountain landform. I fly like the superman up on the mountain. I like flying like superman becauses I saw a big and tall mountain.
The mountain was next to a really hot mountain, because of this I began to feel hot next to the mountain and then I jumped into a lake to cool down.

This is my landform on plateau where I jumped into the water.
I like to jump into the water because it fun and cool. The water was warm like at the swimming pool. When I jumped into the water and then I hit my head on the rock bued.

This is my waterfall landform, I did backflip when I went down waterfall. When I did backflip the wind made me feel cold. The water was very, very scary. I like to backflip at waterfall it was really cool.
I like this picture because it cool and scary. When I did backflip at waterfall and the water was warm lie the swimming pool.
When I did a backflip my friends Oh S’mar and Patrick did a backflip after me. When Ohsm Mar and patrick did a backflip and there shoes came off and it was really funny!


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Anonymous said...

Hey San Tat
Looks like you had alot of fun creating these amazing images. Im glad to see you had fun exploring mountain tops and swimming in lakes. Haha
Keep up the good work!