Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reflection on Room 5's Production By Tim

Reflection On The Production
What is the storyline of your production?
The storyline of the production is a Maori Legend. The main characters Are Aoraki - Latham, Tu - Patrick, Papa earth mother - Lavinia, Rangi Sky Father - Haliano and The narrator  - Angel. We used flax, tussock grass , fish hats and most importantly the waka for the Aoraki and his brothers. Here is the beginning of the maori legend. Rangi sky father and papa earth mother decided to send their four sons to look at the new earth Before the earth ended. Rangi Sky father handed the waka to Aoraki and his brothers. They went sailing day and night and saw no land. Aoraki was flung onto one of the rocks and his brothers scrambled on top of the waka. The waka turned into a long piece of land. Aoraki and his borthers turned old their hair turned white and the skin hardned up into stone. Aoraki was the highest mountain and his brothers were smaller mountains around him. My role was a fish. I need to where a fish hat and fish gloves.
Who are the actors and who are the backstage hands who makes the props and put things on the stage?
The performers are Room 5. Room 5, Mrs Eeles and Miss Paton put the props/costumes on the stage. Miss Kelly makes the costumes and Room 5 designs and paints the props/costumes. Miss Paton draws the fishes, wings, tussock grass, rocks, bushes, Fish gloves, waka, bird masks, seafood, flowers, trees, and mountains.
What role is Room 5 taking in the school production?
The role that Room 5 is taking in the school production is a class production.
What Props need to be made?
The props that need to be made is Tu’s waka, fish gloves, Fish headband, Bird wings, Seafood, Tu’s back part of the waka.
How are you making the costumes and other props?
We need cardboard, paint, wobbly eyes, glitter, vivids, sellotape, Feathers, Scissors, PVA glue and egg trays. We need those stuff to make the production work.
What role am I?

My role was to create a fish. I designed and created the fish by hand. I painted my fish cobalt and the fin and tail dark blue. I put blue glitter on the fin and the tail. I like my part as a fish.

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Mrs H said...

Hi Tim..I really enjoyed reading your report. You guys have been very busy in your prop shop (classroom). Your hard work has paid off. :-) Super Cool!