Monday, October 7, 2013

Making Weapons By Latham


Last Sunday My dad my brother and I made weapons. 

First we went for a bush walk and found sticks. Then I found some string. 

 My brother found a stick which was spiky. 

 Then he found some flax. 

Then we went home and my brother make a sword but it was not tight so my dad helped. 

 My dad helped with my one too. 

I made a bow and arrow using the string and a stick. 

 My brother called his sword the Excalibur
based on the sword stuck in the rock and then pulled out by King Arthur. 

Then we got a hot glue gun and glued a crystal into my bow and arrow and my brothers sword.

We let them dry and then we played with them.  

 My brother gave me one of his arrows so my bow and arrow worked and we had a fun day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Latham

I really like your blog post about making swords out of sticks. Those stick look fantastic.

by Sebastian