Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Production Reflection By Caitlin

My Production Reflection

Our class production is about Aoraki and the Southern Alps. It is about how the South Island was made.   The main actors are Aoraki (Latham), Tuterakiwhanau (Patrick), Rangi Sky Father (Halaiano), Papa Earth Mother (Lavinia), Hine nui I te po (Fine), Narrator (Angel), Mokopuna (Caitlin, Samantha, Oh S’mar Ducks (Raymond and Jason), Fish (San Tat, . The props we have made are tussocks, flax, bushes, trees, mountains, flowers and something that is really important in our production is our waka. The props were made by our whole class. Mrs Kelly has been helping us with the decorating and the designing. For most of our costumes that we have made we have used cardboard. Everyone with a speaking role has managed to learn their lines. I think that we are making really good progress in our production. The things that need to improved on are that some people need to speak louder and look at the audience more. I think that our class production is going really well. In the production my role is Mokopuna. I have a speaking part in the production. The main thing that Mokopuna has do is help Tuterakiwhanau find Aoraki. Most of our actors are using expression. I think that Papa (Lavinia) is really good with using her body language to show expression. Her hand gestures are really good. I think that timing is the thing that we need to work on because some of the flowers pop up too late.
Rangi (Halaiano) is good when he lifts up the mountains as if they were pebbles. Tuterakiwhanau (Patrick) needs to work on expression and look at the audience a little more. Narrator (Angel) is really good at speaking clearly and using lots of expression. Hine Nui I te Po (Fine) is doing good work but needs to use a little bit more expression.

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