Monday, October 7, 2013

My swimming day during the holidays By Harry

In the holidays my Mum and I went to the swimming pools. When we got there, the outside swimming pool did not have any water. After we changed into swimming clothes, we went to the pools, leaving my googles' case in the changing cabin. I went to the adults' pool with my mum. She took me halfway in the adults pool. It was a bit uncomfortable because the water was much higher and it was pushing our air down. Then my mum wanted to go to another pool which was a spa. But she saw some men who looked rough, so she didn't go to the spa pool and went to the shower instead. After she dressed back to her normal clothes, she waited for me to finish playing in the pool. When I was getting dressed, I spotted the goggle case we had left back at the changing cabin. Lucky that we didn't lose it after all.

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