Monday, October 7, 2013

What I did over the weekend By Lavinia

What I did in the weekend

It was Saturday morning the sun was shining brightly. I got dressed and my uncle picked me up and my cousin was in the car. We went to Sylvia Park and walked all the to Kiwi Yo. What I had from Kiwi Yo was I had a Red Velvet ice cream, MnM's, Whipped cream, Brownies, Oreo's and hot Chocolate sauce. It was so YUMMY!!!!!.  Once me and my cousin had finished our ice creams we went Super Bowl. When we got there there was loud music and disco lights flashing it was cool.  We got 22 tokens each the game I loved the most was Deal or no Deal there was many other games I loved but that was my favourite. We had to go home after that It was such a fun day.

Then my six cousins (including me) and my aunty went over to my cousins house. We had dinner, for dinner we had pizza it was DELICIOUS!!!!. I was so full after that I was so tired I was the first one to go to sleep. I was the first one to wake up in the morning, then all of us went to the pools we spent a long time there. I was in the middle of the wave part it was so fun it was going up and down up and down, but we had to leave once we all got dressed.  Then we were hungry so we decided to go and have some lunch. We got Fish n Chips and we went to the Park the sun was shining I felt so hot I felt like I was in an oven. Once we finished our food we play some games like Octopus and Stuck in the mud and relays and many more other games. I t was such a fun day I would do it again.

THE END!!!!!:)      

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