Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My trip at the Tamaki River By Raymond

My adventure on the  Tamaki River Walk
One  sunny day on November 5th the seniors went on an adventure to the Panmure Basin and the Pakuranga Rotary Walkway. When we were walking around we did some exercise on the fitness equipment at the Panmure Basin. When we were walking we were all tired but we still had to keep going until we got to the skate park. While we were walking people were asking Miss Paton “When is it morning tea?”. She said “Another half and hour”. I said to myself I wish I was at the skatepark, I am so hungry. After asking Miss Paton about morning tea we were all whining. We finally got there and we started to eat our lunch. I said “Yes, finally!”

Then we left the skate park and walked across the bridge. When we went down this man was cleaning the boat. When we went passed him It was like toxic gas coming out of the hose.  I ran to the front and I waited for the others. When we were half way people were tired,  they wanted to stop and have a break. So we did.

After that Room 6 left us behind and we buddied up with Room 8. Then me and my buddy were playing eye spy while we were catching up to Room 6, but they  kept moving  faster and faster. We caught up to them but they took off. We started walking faster and faster and then we got to pakuranga yacht club .  We finally caught up to Room 6.

Then we had lunch and Room 6 saw a snakes and ladder game. When they went on the slide their shorts were dirty and even the slide was filled with mud and bugs. People did not care if they got dirty and even the ladder was slippery from the mud and rain . When I finished my lunch I ran to the snakes and ladder. First I went to the ladder and it felt like goo.  When I went on the slide it was  muddy, slippery and dirty. When I went down I got dirty and then I went back down and played with Thomas. We were playing with dices. Then we saw two buses coming in and then we waited for the third bus. It finally came and then we headed back to school for a refreshing ice block.  We went back to class and I said “That was an exciting adventure” .

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