Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Time at the Rotary Walkway By Yvette

Rotary Walkway

It was a beautiful, calm and cold morning. I had arrived at school early for our school trip around the Rotary Walkway. My wonderful teacher Miss Paton called out the roll to see who was away and who was at school. We needed to say if we were staying or leaving to go on the trip. Our whole class except John and Jasmine went on the trip. Rooms 5,6,7 and 8 went on the school trip around the rotary walkway and the Tamaki basin. The senior school gathered their bags and sunhats. We met on the court to see how many children were staying at school and where to send the people that weren’t going on the trip to a junior class.

All the classes left at the same time. Mrs Kirkpatrick and her class walked in the front. Mrs Anderson was behind our class. Rooms 5,6,7 and 8 walked around the Tamaki basin first. We walked all the way from our school to the Tamaki basin. We arrived at the Tamaki basin(finally). Mrs Kirkpatrick's class walked a lot faster than our class. They were way in front of our class. We walked halfway around the basin. My legs were burning. I felt like lying on the pathway. There were exercise stops around the basin. We didn’t get to try out any of them because our teacher didn’t let us.

Unfortunately, halfway around the basin it started to rain. It was pouring, I was so soaked. We had 4 camera people in our class taking pictures. The first 4 were Fine, Angel, Samantha and Caitlin. They did a good job. We finally finished walking around the whole basin. Hipi.  At the end of the tracks there was a skatepark .That is where all the classes stopped for morning tea. I was so happy and astonished. I thought we were never going to stop.

I sat down and ate my sausage roll, my pizza bread and drank some water. After I had finished eating, I sat down until we were asked to leave. We had 20 minutes of morning tea. 20 minutes passed and Mrs Kirkpatrick asked us to pack away our food and get ready to walk the Rotary Walkway. I walked mostly with my best friend Fine around the Rotary Walkway.. The rotary walkway was so long. I was so hungry. We walked for about 5.5 kilometres until we finished the track. The Tamaki River had an amazing view. The river was in high tide so you could see how beautiful and how extraordinary the Tamaki River is. We almost made it halfway around the Rotary Walkway. We stopped at a small carpark area.

Miss Paton called out the roll to see if anyone was missing. Rooms 5,7 and 8 had a 10 minute rest at the tiny car park area. Our teachers decided to buddy up our class with a room 8 kid. I was buddied up with Iris. Sadly, the Room 8 kids slowed us down. After everyone in Room 5 was paired up with a Room 8 student we would carry on our trip to the end of the Rotary Walkway. We walked for about 30 minutes until we reached the end of our walk. We stopped at the Pakuranga Sailing Club. The Pakuranga Sailing club had a huge open field where we could eat our lunch and play games, it also had a weird training park. There was also another park called “Snakes and Ladders”.
Unfortunately, it started to pour with rain. We were forced to go under shelter. Students started to leave the shaded shelter to play games. Lots of people played on the weird training park.. They didn’t care if it was wet. I walked around the field. We need to wait until the 3 buses came to pick us up to drop us off at school. 2 buses had arrived at the Pakuranga Sailing Club. We needed to wait for 1 more buses to come. I had tried all the training exercises. The last exercise felt weird. The exercise helps build up muscles in your upper thighs and legs.

The last bus had arrived.. Room 6, 7 and 8 abounded the first 2 buses.
Miss Paton thought we had our own bus but we needed to share with Room 9. The bus took us back to school. That was our time at the Rotary Walkway.

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