Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Oh S'mar's Rotary Walkway Experience

Rotary Walkway
Last Tuesday the seniors of Panmure Bridge School went on the the Tamaki river walk. It was sunny in the morning and windy. It was a long tremendous walk, everyone was exhausted. First we went to Pakuranga,  I thought we would start on the left side but we started on the other side instead. The people who took photo’s did a good job. After we went on the bridge, first some people were scared because it was their first time across the bridge. Once we had past the bridge we saw this obstacle course. Room 8 and room 5 went on the course. Everyone was excited to go on the course. We carried on walking until we got to the skate park.

We had morning tea at the skate park and we got 5 mins to play. We carried on walking, the people who had the cameras had to change and give others a turn. I was one of the people that got to hold the camera. I took  photos of the water, birds, bridges and many more things. After that we carried on walking until we had a 10 minute break. We had to pair up with the room 8 children and look after them until we got to the end of our walk. We had walked about 5.5 km by the time we stopped for lunch. Everyone was so excited. I went to the slides with Patrick it was awesome because it was a big tall slide that went very fast. After that it started to pour down with rain everyone was disappointed and sad. We were waiting for our bus. I saw a cloud that look like a big grey dragon. The sun came up and everyone rushed to the slides and the playground to have one quick last play.

The bus came and we were all sad that we had to go back to school and do work. Once we got on the bus people were sleeping we were all so tired and happy that we had walked for about 5 hours. When we got back to school we had a nice cold ice block, it was delicious. We all went back to our classes and wrote about our day. It was a fun day.    
The end.


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