Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Netbook Reflection By Fine

Netbook Reflection 2013

How has having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year?

Can you tell us about something you have discovered and learnt by yourself this year?
This year I have learnt how to create a prezi by myself. A prezi is a site where you can put down steps on how to complete something for example instructions on how                             to make a sandwich easy as that. Once I had finished I shared it onto my blog by embedding a code. Then I wrote an interpretation on what a prezi is and how i created it. I learnt how to create a prezi at home during the holidays, because continuing school work on the holidays will help you improve with getting to the national standard.

What special thing have you learnt from your teacher this year?
My teacher Miss Paton showed me how to create a floorplan of our ideal classroom using the website floorplanner. This website helps people who are wanting to renovate or decorate their room or house. Floorplanner has a lot of objects that you can choose to have inside your room for example couches, chairs and much more. There is a place at the top of the site letting you have the option of choosing your room to be 2D or 3D. You can create your room with a birds eye view. Using a bird’s eye view helped me by seeing where all the objects are. After I had finished my floorplan Miss Paton printed it out and put it on our classroom wall. Something I liked about floorplan is there are variety of colours and options of furniture you can choose. When visitors come inside Room 5 they can see my floorplan and also other classmates floorplans. First we had made a draft on paper making sure we knew what we wanted in our ideal classroom.

What have you learnt from someone outside of your classroom this year
This year I showed my brother Leopote a website called Sumdog. Sumdog helps your learning with Maths. He has increased his learning with Maths since the last time he had gone on Sumdog or had completed a maths activity. Sumdog is a virtual site where you can have your own avatar.

How have you helped other kids learn this year?
This year I helped a few of Room 5’s  year 5 classmates. I helped them create a blog post. A blog post is when one of our students put one of their pieces of work on display to show the whole world. A blog post would go on their individual blog to showcase to the world. You can see which countries have showcased your work by looking at the top of my blog or on the side.

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