Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thomas' end of year reflection

End of year reflection by Thomas Maths - This year Miss Paton has told me about a maths website called math whizz. math whizz has taught me how to add and subtract negative and positive numbers. I first got it wrong but in math Whizz you get hints and if you continuously get it wrong math whizz will answer it for you, telling you how to get the answer. math whizz also lets you redo lessons, trying to improve your score and time. I have done it over and over again and I am finally getting better. When you complete a lesson you get credits. Using credits you can buy toys, plants and even pets from the shop. My favourite pet is the boy dragon. E-Learning - E-Learning is still new to me, even though I have been using it for nearly a year. I have gotten used to typing instead of writing. I am familiar with google drive, floorplanner, lucid charts, kiwi kids news. They are all writing websites. The Math Websites we use are math whizz, xtra maths, studyladder and sumdog. Once a year, we head out to the Hoyts cenima in Sylvia Park for the manaiakalani film festival. We have to make movies and then we get to watch ours and other schools. Our movie this year was called Learning to Inspire. I was Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor of the first telephone. Sports - Our school took part in the orienteering competition in May. We were given a map, a compass and a piece of paper that we had to put the marks on. I usually came second or third and only came first once. This term we had cricket. We were taught how to hold the bat and the other weeks were just games. We won one, the other team won one and on the final game it was a tie. Conclusion - These were some of the highlights of my year in room five. These are the reasons why. I liked maths because it is not only exciting and fun but it will also help you in life. I like E-learning because it is easier than writing and we don’t have to waste trees making paper. I like sports because when you become a sports player and represent the world you can become famous.

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