Sunday, December 29, 2013

Yvette's end of year reflection

Art -When we do art we are not just painting we are also learning maths at the same time. When room 5 made a Fredriek Vordemberge Gildewart painting we needed to rule 5x5 centimetre squares and number coordinates in the squares. I like doing art because I like maths and I love to paint. Art is my favourite subject. Netbooks- Room 5 has learnt how to access different sites on our netbooks. We have learnt how to use,, and wallwisher. I like using these sites because it is fun educational activities and once you know how to use the site properly you can expand your knowledge with other people. Production - When we made our production costumes we combined art with crafting to make our costumes and animals. I loved making props because we had a part in making our own costumes and in the end our costumes turned out really good. We also performed on stage in front of an audience. I believe that helped us a lot with our production because we had a chance to perform and work together as a class. Sport - In room 5 we go out as a class and do class sports. I like doing sports in my class because we get to have some outdoor time and sports is fun. We get to play cricket, ripa rugby and a lot more fun games. It is good to do some sports once and a while because it keeps us fit and healthy and we get to learn how to play the games properly. Drama - Nearly every thursday we get to do drama with Miss Eeles. I like doing drama with Miss Eeles because we get to learn how to play fun educational activities and we love doing them. Also we learn how to keep our balance and stay steady when we do drama with Miss Eeles.

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