Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Should we mufti clothes at PBS By San Tat

Should we wear mufti clothes at PBS?

If you play rugby and you not got your rugby shorts then  you can wear your mufti clothes. I think we should wear mufti clothes because if you play sports then it is ok for your clothes to get dirty. If you wore your school uniform when you are playing rugby
it could fall apart and get very dirty. You may not have enough dry school clothes if your uniform is in the wash. Wearing mufti clothes is the best option.

If you are painting your artwork you can wear your mufti clothes. If you wear your school uniform and paint goes on your uniform it is very hard to get it off. If you wore your mufti clothes and did painting it wouldn’t be a problem as you have plenty of mufti clothes at home.

In winter time I find my school uniform doesn’t keep me warm. You get cold feet and hands. When  you  wear your mufti clothes it makes you warm. If you cook / bake food you can wear your mufti clothes. If you cook in your school uniform it may get all dirty. Wearing mufti clothes allows you to make a mess without worrying about them.

I like wearing my mufti clothes because it make me feel warm. If you wear you mufti clothes and it make you look better with your mufti clothes.
I think you people like wearing mufti clothes.

In this argument I have only told you  a few reasons why we should wear mufti clothes. Such as it keeps you warm when you paint, you don’t get you’re uniform dirty and you can play sports.     

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