Sunday, April 5, 2015

My Time at the Swimming Pool

I had a wonderful day at the pools. I went fast down the hydro slide. I felt scared because it was dark. When I came out of the hydro slide I felt dizzy. After I stopped I went in the inside pool. In the inside pool it was warm. After that I saw Aiden and my friend cooper. The pools were the Waiwera Hot Pools. Me and my friend went in the bombing pool and did some bombs. After that we had fish and chips. They was yum. We needed to wait for a while before we could go back it to the pool.
When I got back  in the pool it was cold and freezing, so I went to the inside pool. When I got to the inside pool it was nice and warm. So my friend Aiden went home. So I asked my Dad if we could go home and my dad said yes.

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