Thursday, May 21, 2015

War themed silhouette artwork

 Over these last two weeks we have been working on war themed silhouette paintings. The students had to use tonal modelling to create the sunset. Then used a stencil to trace onto some black paper. We had to cut out the silhouette carefully to ensure the detail was not lost. These silhouette paintings were based on the poem written by Robert Laurence Binyon "For the Fallen".


Mengchun said...

I thought your artworks was really cool. Especially the colours! There is one thing, though. The Animoto logo is kind of blocking the video. Is there anyway you can move it to the side?
The poem was great too!


San tat said...

Hi Room 7,

I really like you art work on Anzacs, this show that room 7 is really good class. Keep up the good work Rm 7.

Sebastian said...

Hi Room 7,
I really like your art work. It looks like it has been done very carefully and patiently. It has turned out well. I see that it links to the topic ANZAC because of the soldiers in the piece of art. Well done.

Mere said...


I really like the art work that represents the war. It looks like your class has been working very well to get this art work done. It has turned out really neat. Well done keep up the great work.

From Mere

Thomas said...

Hi Room 7,
I really liked the detail of all of your pictures. I remember when I was in Miss Paton's class in 2013 I also did a silhouette artwork but it was a lion, not a soldier.