Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Aiden's time at Auckland Zoo

This is my recount of the zoo trip.

I felt happy when we went to the zoo. First we went to the shade shelter to listen to the rules and to find out when our tour time was. There were parent helpers that looked after us. They were Emmy (Alex's mum) Diana (Sheilah's sister) Amelia (Juliet’s) Aunty. We went to Pridelands first. I saw giraffes, ostriches and zebra. The giraffes had very long necks and legs. Next we saw a very great Rhino. The rhino was big and I liked it’s horn.  We saw girl lions across from the rhino enclosure. One was just lying on the ground and the other one was behind the bush. The Flamingoes had long legs as long as a stick.
                                                                                                                                             On the zoo trip we saw american alligators, turtles,  orangutan, lions, tigers, camouflaged  geckos, lizards, spider monkeys, zebra, hippos, penguins, seals, giraffes and an elephant. The Elephant was big. I learnt that lizards can blend in with the branches of trees and how we can't actually find them. We actually  got to sit by the window of the tiger enclosure.  We  saw a video of the daddy tiger doing two jumps to get up on to the rope to get the  bone. The Dad tiger was right by the mummy tiger. Laura said this was the last animal we  saw.  My favourite animal was the rhino because he was fat like a hippopotames.  

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