Wednesday, June 3, 2015

De Niro has fun at the zoo

“This is a beautiful day,” I said to my friends. Panmure Bridge school went to the Auckland Zoo. At the zoo we all had to have a map so we didn't get lost. The first thing we saw were the giraffes and zebras. Then we saw the rhino, it was so so big. I liked watching the spider monkey`s because they could jump off a tree top, down to another low tree. There were so many animals at the zoo we almost saw everyone of the animals. The helper’s were Emmy (Alex’s mum) Amelia (Juliet’s Aunty) Diana (Shailah's sister) and Mrs Linda. We all went and saw the baboons. When we saw them they had pink bottoms like a cherry. After we saw the baboons we all went and saw the lions. It was so fun at the zoo because we got to see  the alligator. The animal I wanted to see was the spiders. We all went to see Burma the elephant. Burma was trying to pick up a small log. After we saw the elephant we sat down under  the shade shelter. We had our morning tea. After we ate our morning tea we had to fill in a little booklet. Then we saw the meerkats. The meerkats had small heads and small feet. We could go into a dark tunnel with windows so we could see all the meerkats. Next to the meerkats were the otters. There were only three otters because the other otters were hiding from us. After the otters we went and saw the orangutans. One of the orangutans was covered in lots of hair. There was one orangutan eating leaves off a tree branch. We went and saw Molique the tiger. She could climb up a wooden pole up to the top. At the end Molique came and sat down by us. She was watching us sitting by her. Molique was the last animal we got to see. Then we all went back to the school and wrote about  the zoo trip until the bell rang for home time. At the zoo felt so excited because I really wanted to see was the spiders.

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