Monday, June 29, 2015

Liam's Anzac Biscuits Recount

This is a writing poster of how to make Anzac biscuits.I was learning to make a recipe story to know how we made the biscuits.

It was a very exciting day to make Anzac biscuits. I was waiting and waiting so patiently I was going to burst in the air. Miss Paton couldn't wait to show room 7 all the ingredients and introduce to them to the equipment. I knew that making Anzac biscuits will be a fun activity for the delightful room 7, as they were learning about reading fractions and making the accurate measurements.

I really liked how room 7 were working together as a team. The first thing that Mele did was measuring the butter to 100 grams. She learnt it by using the wrappers measurements. Each segment was 50 grams. Mele combined two segments to make 100 grams of butter. It was a tough job to cut the butter for Mele. Miss Paton helped Mele without any trouble. Alex got a turn by greasing the butter around the trays so the biscuits wouldn't get stuck and Shailah got to pour in a tablespoon of golden syrup. Nazanin and Tai were helping Miss Paton melt the butter and syrup together. They were trying to be careful not to touch the hot stove when stirring both of the ingredients together. Miss Paton was walking slowly and carefully to room 7.

When she brought in the melted butter Joshua got to measure and pour half a cup of white flour into the bowl. I got a turn by tipping in half a cup of sugar and pouring it into the red bowl. Avalon was now pouring in ¾ of rolled oats into the measuring cup. Then Najib gets to pour in ¾ of a cup of coconut into the bowl. Miss Paton showed us how to tip in ½ a teaspoon of baking soda into 2 tablespoons of water. Hajera, Jacob, Aiden and sky got to place down a bit of some dough on to both trays. Miss Paton chose me and Taylor to take the trays to the hall kitchen. When we went into the hall kitchen Miss Paton got some oven mittens and put one batch of biscuits into the oven. Miss Paton went back to class and got more people to make two more batches. When she came back Miss Paton brought Aung Naing to help her with the two trays. When the biscuits were ready we got a spatula and took them all off the trays until they were all hard. Miss Paton got out some plates and we placed the biscuits onto the plates. After they were placed down onto the plates we carefully took them to room 7 and put them down on the draws, while the rest of room 7 worked on their Anzac biscuits brainstorm. At lunchtime Miss Paton gave out a biscuit each. The biscuits tasted so crumbly and also crispy when I tasted them.          

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