Monday, June 29, 2015

Making Anzac Biscuits By Jacob

Hooray today is the day to make anzac biscuits with my class. I felt so excited I was in the my own little world when we were making Anzac biscuits. First Mele was holding a sharp butter knife ready to cut 100 grams of  butter and put it into the pot. Then we poured 1 tablespoon of  golden syrup in the pot. The golden syrup was so golden it was golden than treasure. Then Alex was greasing the butter on to the trays .Then Tai and Nazanin took the pot to the hall kitchen to melt the butter and the golden syrup together.

Then Miss Paton poured the baking soda into the cup. Then the teacher aide Mrs Smith came in with a cup full of boiling water so we didn’t touch it. Then we put the white flour and white sugar and rolled oats also coconut into the bowl. Room 7 mixed it round and round until the mixture was ready to be rolled into lots of balls. Aiden, Sky, Hajera and me rolled the mixture into little balls then we had to flatten them down with a fork and put them onto the trays. Miss Paton chose some helpers to carry the trays to the hall kitchen. Miss Paton and the helpers came back to class and made another batch. Miss Paton and the helpers went to the hall kitchen and
went back to class with the cookies. When I first tasted them they tasted so yummy in my mouth. They felt rough. We had to think of words that described the Anzac biscuits. The words were delicious, yummy, healthy,
sweet, scrumptious and crumbly.

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