Monday, June 29, 2015

Making Anzac Biscuits By Juliet

“Wow this looks so yummy!!!’’ as I was going to  taste it I thought that my whole body was going to pop. When I saw them I was feeling that I was going to jump high. When I first took my first bite of the Anzac Biscuits I was going to scream!!!. I really liked the activity that my teacher gave us .I think that my teacher Miss Paton should get something special for giving the class a special activity which is making ANZAC BISCUITS !!! “Woohoo!!!”  

When we were starting to make the Anzac biscuits Miss Paton gave Mele a job to do. Her job was to cut 100 grams of butter. Mele had to cut 50 and 50 to make 100 grams. When I saw her cut the butter I thought that it was really hard for her because she had a sharp knife in her hand. It was hard for her because when she was cutting the butter the wrapper made it hard for her, so Miss Paton did the rest of the job. Then Miss Paton gave Alex a job to do. He had to grease the two trays with the butter that was on the wrapper. When Alex was greasing the tray with butter, Shailah had to pour 1 tablespoon of golden syrup into the measuring spoon. Then she poured it into the pot. After that Miss Paton asked Nazanin and Tai to go with her to the hall kitchen to put the pot over the stove. Nazanin was stirring the butter and the golden syrup together in the pot that was over the stove.  When Miss Paton, Tai and Nazanin came back with the pot Joshua was poured ½ a cup of white flour into the measuring cup. When it was Liam’s turn, his job was to pour ½ a cup of white sugar. Then Avalon  poured ¾ of a cup of rolled oats into the cup. Next Najib poured ¾ cup of coconut into the measuring cup. Miss Paton scooped ½ a teaspoon of baking soda. Then she poured the baking soda into the cup with the water. She added this to the golden syrup and butter. Next Sanujan poured the melted butter and the golden syrup into the dry ingredients. After that everyone got a turn at mixing the ingredients together in the big red bowl. When it came to the last person, Miss Paton took the bowl and just gave it the final stir. When she was finished Miss Paton showed us how to roll the mixture into a ball and flatten it down onto the trays. The people who had this role were Aiden, Hajera, Jacob and Sky. They rolled the dough into little balls and Nyjah and me flattened the dough with a fork. Miss Paton took Liam, Taylor and Aung Naing to the hall kitchen to put the two trays in the oven. When they were in the hall kitchen the biscuits were cooking. Aung Naing and Liam put the Anzac Biscuits onto the plate. After that Miss Paton came into the classroom with the Anzac Biscuits. She put the Anzac Biscuits on  the red bench. When Miss Paton put the plates on the bench the whole class waited until lunch time was over. Miss Paton  gave the Anzac Biscuits to the people who were sitting beautifully at their tables. Then Miss Paton got the second plate of Anzac Biscuits. When she came to my table I grabbed an Anzac Biscuit. When I tasted the Anzac Biscuits I was feeling as if my head was going to pop. When we finished eating our Anzac Biscuits, Miss Paton saved the leftover biscuits. She let Mr Engineer chose students who were good at the end of the day to have an extra biscuit. 
This is my writing it's about Making Anzac Biscuits. I also had to write a hook about Making Anzac Biscuits.

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