Friday, June 19, 2015

Making Anzac Biscuits By Sanujan

This is my recount on making Anzac biscuits. I have got the ingredients that we need to make the biscuits and the person who had the a role at measuring the ingredients and cooking of the biscuits.

                     Making Anzac Biscuits

“Yippee!!”, I shouted in my mind with happiness and joy. I can’t wait to make Anzac biscuits I said to myself. This is the best day of my life that I never had. First Miss Paton introduced the ingredients that we were going to use and I really liked working together as a team.

First Mele had to cut 100 grams of butter. Each each piece had 50 grams and to make 100 grams she cut out 2 segments to make 100 grams.
50 grams + 50 grams = 100 grams. Then Miss Paton scraped a small piece from the butter and gave it to Alex to grease the trays so that the Anzac biscuits didn't stick on the trays. After that Shailah had to pour 1 tablespoon of golden syrup into the pot and then Miss Paton took the pot to the hall kitchen. Tai and Nazanin help Miss Paton to melt the butter and the golden syrup together stove top while Mr Engineer read us a book. Then Joshua had to pour ½ cup of white flour into the measuring cup and Joshua also had to pour it in the big and giant bowl. Then Liam had to pour ½ cup of white sugar into the measuring cup. After that Avalon poured in ¾ cup of rolled oats and then Najib had his turn to pour in ¾ cup of coconut into the measuring cup. He also poured the coconut into the big red bowl. Then we all had turns to stir the mixture. Aung Naing had his turn first then the bowl went around. After everyone had their turn to stir the mixture,
Miss Paton chose Jacob, Aiden, Hajera and Sky to flatten the mixture with a fork. Juliet, Nyjah and Aiden flattened the Anzac biscuit dough.

When they looked good Aung Naing, Taylor and Liam went with Miss Paton to the hall kitchen to bake the Anzac biscuits. After they had baked, the chefs took the Anzac biscuits out of the oven and scraped them off the trays. They placed them onto some plates. When I tasted them I felt the crunch of the biscuits and the rich golden syrup flavour that melted in my mouth. They tasted delicious and I felt like I was floating in space and traveling to Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. I was about to pop like popcorn in the microwave when I tasted the second biscuit .

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Harry said...

Hi Sanujan
I like your blogpost about Anzac biscuits. The Anzac biscuits must have tasted delicious I wish I was here that time because I was in China when everyone made the Anzac biscuits. But since you wrote down the recipe I might be able to make my own Anzac biscuits.
By Harry