Monday, June 29, 2015

My Anzac Biscuits Recount By Joel

On Thursday morning room 7 made Anzac biscuits with Miss Paton and Mr Engineer.
We put the butter and the golden syrup into the pot.
Miss Paton, Tai and Nazanin took the pot to the hall kitchen.
Miss Paton turned on the oven while Nazanin mixed the butter and the golden syrup together. Then Miss Paton, Tai and Nazanin came back to class.
Joshua measured the flour. Liam measured half a cup of sugar. Avalon poured in the rolled oats. Najib poured in the coconut. Miss Paton poured in half a teaspoon of baking soda and she mixed it with two tablespoons of boiling water. Sanujan and Aung Naing poured in the butter and the golden syrup mixture. Sky, Hajera, Aiden and Jacob rolled the dough into little balls and flattened them down with a fork.   

Room 7 worked together as a team in the classroom. Miss Paton helped us to make the Anzac biscuits. After a little while I was so happy that I couldn’t open my eyes. When I first took a bite of the Anzac biscuits they were so delicious. I felt like I was having an Anzac party.
I loved making Anzac biscuits with my class.

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