Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My time at Auckland Zoo By Marieta

On Thursday the 7th we went to the zoo I loved seeing all the animals at the zoo.

At 9:00am the whole class went to the zoo. I was so happy when we were there. When we arrived there, we had to wait till room 3 went outside. Then room 3 went outside to enter the zoo so room 7 can came out to go throw the zoo gate. After that we all came to the shade shelter to sit down. Then a lady called Laura came to told us that we should not go thru the gate to feel the animals.The animals we saw were the meerkats,orangutans,alligator,flamingos,ostriches,tiger,lion,elephant,hippo,giraffes,tortoise,baboons,spring bok,zebras,rhinos,penguins,spider monkey’s,lizards.The people who came with us we're Emmy [Alex’s mum] Diana [Shailah's sister] Amelia [Juliet’s Aunty] and Mrs Linda. The first animal we saw were the giraffes, ostrich, zebra. The giraffe’s neck was as long as sausage. After that, I was happy when we went to see Burma the elephant. She was my favourite animal of all. When we saw Burma it was morning tea. So we sat down under the shelter and ate our morning tea while watching Burma play around with a log. After that we went to see the lion’s. There was just a lion just sitting there watching us and another lion walking around. The lion was brave as a rhino helping other lion’s if they were in trouble or hurt. Then we went to see the turtles. They were eating leaves and carrots. When we saw the cheetahs, they were on their own sit looking at us. When we came up to my third favourite animal, the baboon’s they were very funny. Then the baboon family came out with a baby baboon. “It was so cute” I said to myself. When we went to the next animal we saw were the seals. I was happy when we were there. The seals were swimming round and round until they couldn't stop going round in circles.The next animal we saw were the meerkats. They could stare at us like an eagle steering at a worm. Then it was time for us to go and see the big and the strong orangutans. They were so cool. They could swing to another rope. Now it was time for our lunch under the Band Rotunda. The next scary animal was the alligator it was camouflaged in the green seaweed in the water. I could not see it but I saw the leg part of the alligator. Then we all went to sat down on grass to listen to Ms Kirkpatrick. She asked us if we had a good time looking at the animals. When we were there Laura came to take us on a tour. We saw the orangutans and the spider monkeys on our tour. Laura said that sometimes they can trick the orangutans by putting their food in pillowcases. The orangutans can try to untie the knot of the pillowcases. This trick was much harder to do with spider monkeys. When we got to see the spider monkeys I was happy. Laura said “The spider monkeys are very good at swinging on ropes”. Then we went and saw the tiger Molique. She was beautiful and nice. She came and sat next to us. We were staring through the window so we could all see Molique. After that it was time to go home. So we went on a different bus instead of the same one. I sat next to my best friend Riley. We played some games on the bus. We finally arrived back at school. Miss Paton said we could go onto our Chromebooks and write a recount about the zoo trip. It was fun. I had a wonderful day looking at the amazing animals. I learnt so much and it was the best day ever.

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