Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My report on Jonah Lomu, by Jacob

Jonah Lomu was born in South Auckland May 12 1975 and his parents were Tongan. He went to tonga for five years to learn about his culture. Jonah Lomu got all the diseases when he was a young boy. When he was nine he was very big and he had to run behind the car when they went to church. Jonah got pulled him out of school and Jonah went to Wesly college in Pukekohe because he had no company and he had heaps of trouble. He ran a 100 metres in 10 .8 seconds. He weighed 116 kilograms and his height is 1.96 metres tall.When he was nineteen he got selected for the All Blacks to play against France. He played two games on the wing and he has especially bad memories from the second game in Auckland, when he missed vital tackles. It was a hard introduction to top rugby for Jonah, and he nearly turned to league. But then came the 1995 rugby world cup, and he was selected for the black jersey again. All Jonah wanted to do was put on the black jersey and show everyone that he could score tries and fiend.

My Report On Sonny Bill Williams, By Tiare

Sonny Bill Williams was born August 3rd in Auckland in 1985. His parents are Jonh and Lee. His father is Samoan. He Attended Owairaka Primary, Wesley Intermediate and Mount Albert Grammar School. His father was an accomplished rugby league player and Williams said it was his mother who introduced him to the game.

He started his career off by playing professional rugby league with the Canterbury Bulldogs in Australia then he left the Bulldogs to play rugby union with French club Toulon. In 2010 he signed with the New Zealand rugby union team called the All Blacks.

Sonny Bill had a new exciting career and tried boxing in 2009 and for an amazement he actully won Williams became Muslim after converting to Islamin. He is the first Muslim to represent the All Blacks, Cursaders and Barbarians.

Now Williams has carried on with his life now and is an amazing rugby star and is playing with the All Blacks.

My Report on Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams was born on the third August 1985 in Auckland New Zealand. He went to Owairaka Primary School, Wesley Intermediate and Mount Albert Grammar School. His nicknames are SBW and Superman. His weight is 108 KG and his height is 1.91 M. His full name is Sonny William Williams better known as Sonny Bill Williams. His position is inside centre. Sonny Bill Williams is a N.Z rugby union player and a heavyweight boxer.

My report on Daniel Carter

Daniel William Carter

Daniel Carter was born on March 5th 1982 in Southbridge, Canterbury New Zealand. Daniel Carter is 29 years old. Daniel Carter went to Christchurch Boys High School. Daniel Carters height is 178 cm 5 foot 10 inches. His full name is Daniel William Carter. Daniel Carters weight is 94 kg 14 stone 11 lb. Daniel Carter played for the Crusaders. He played 95 games scored 1,272 points. He played 83 caps for the All Blacks and scored 1,229 points for the All Blacks. Daniel gets $30,000 dollars per game. His team bet Italy 70-7 in Melbourne Australia. Daniel Carter’s was 21 years old when he first played for the All Blacks. His nicknames are Dezzy and DC. Daniel William Carter is still playing for the All Blacks now.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our exciting day

It's official we are now a Netbook class!!!
Today was the big day for opening up our Netbooks and for setting up our Netbooks with our personal setting. It was a great day for checking out some of the in built programmes on our Netbook. We were very lucky to have Mrs Burt, Miss Gleeson, Nevin and Dip come to help us. Check out our movie.

Untitled from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Literacy Maths: Legs on a sheep

A sheep has 4 legs. How many legs would 44 sheep have? Write out how you worked the answer. Next week I will be asking you the strategies you have used to solve the problem.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Buddy Reading

These photographs were taken today during our Buddy Reading session.

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Efaraima's Holiday Story

Efaraima had an action packed holiday. He went to his cousin's birthday and he went to see Cars 2 the movie at Manukau City. Check out his movie.

Asmah's holiday movie

Asmah had a great holiday staying up late and watching movies. Check out her movie.

Silas wins Lotto

Another Room 5 student wins Lotto and this time it is Silas. Check out his story and how he became a Lotto winner.

Creative Voice turns 1000

Today Thursday August 4th at 11:17am, our class blog Creative Voice reached 1000 posts. Silas' Chocolate Crackles Poem was the 1000th for this blog. This is a real achievement as this blog has followed 3 classes of students at Panmure Bridge School. Two of the classes were Year 2 and one of the classes was Years 5 & 6. The very first blog post made on Thursday February 5th 2009. Creative Voice celebrates students talents in literacy, numeracy and topic knowledge. It has been there to capture students' knowledge on a range of subjects and has been there to share the happy, sad, challenging experiences / times of student life. Each year students watch their progress grow and confidence levels develop. It is a very rewarding experience and for me as the teacher I feel very privileged to be working with these talented students. May long Creative Voice continue.

Kapri's holiday story

This is my holiday story. I hope you enjoy it.

Addnan Lolly cake Experience

Hello. This is my lolly cake experience. Check it out. I hope you enjoy it.

Katarake's Mihi

This is my Mihi I wrote in term 1. It was awesome. It was fun when I did it.
Please check it out, and I hope you enjoy my fabulous Mihi.

Addnan holiday story

Hi my name is Addnan and this is my School holiday story. Check it out. I hope you enjoy it.

Silas's Chocolate Crackles Poem

This is my poem on Chocolate Crackles. Check it out.

Tyler fairy bread recipe

This is my awesome fairy bread recipe. I hope you enjoy it.

Chantelle's holiday story

This is my holiday story I did.I hope
you enjoy it.

My holiday story

This is my holiday story about me going to the movie. I hope you enjoy.

My Holiday Video

This is my awesome Holiday Video.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Addnan Chocolate crackles recipe

Hi my name is Addnan and this is my chocolate crackles recipe. Check it out.

Michaels lolly cake experience

This is my delicous lolly cake experience. I hope you enjoy it.

Voice Thread on what we know about Rugby

Today we did a Voice Thread on what we know about Rugby. In Room 5, we knew quite a lot of information on Rugby. Check out our Voice Thread.

My awesome chocolate crackles recipe

Check out my recipe on how to make Chocolate Crackles.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My amazing 5x table by Kapri

This is my 5x table rap I hope you enjoy it.

Silas' 5x table rap

This is my amazing 5x table rap. I hope you enjoy it.

Tyler's 5 x table rap.

Hi my name is Tyler and this is my 5 x table rap. I hope you like my 5 x table rap

Asmah's Lotto Story

Asmah had a very unfortunate start, but she managed to save her money for a Lotto ticket. She won first division and spent her fortune on a posh house. Check out her story.

Monday, August 1, 2011

How Jarred won Lotto

This is my fantastic Lotto Story, I hope you enjoy it.

Isabella's Lotto Story

Lucky Isabella won the Lotto. Check out how she won the Lotto and the lead up to her success.

Scenario Story: By Chantelle

Last term we were given this scenario: If I won Lotto....
We had to write a story around how we won lotto and how we spent the money. Check out Chantelle's story on winnings.

My amazing 5x table

This is my 5x table I hope you like it.

Jarred's Fairy Bread Recipe.

This is my Fairy Bread Recipe I hope you like it.

Jarred Chocolate Crackles poem.

This is my Chocolate Crackles poem I hope you like it.

My interesting fairy bread recipe

This my fairy bread recipe
that I did I hope you like it.

My wicked 5 times table rap.

This my 5 times table rap I did
in the staffroom.I hope
you enjoy it.