Friday, November 25, 2011

Addnan's time at the Athletic Sports

Dah Dah Dah! Today is the day. A really big day. It’s the day for school Athletics!! I was overwhelmed. I was thinking to myself ‘ would I come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in anything.’

While I was coming to school, I did some little stretches in the car to warm up. Finally we arrived at school. I was nervous when I got to school, because I knew that I was going to verse a lot of people.

There was high jump with Miss. Sayers and Miss. Paton, Discus with Mrs. Salmon, Mrs.Gina and Shaun, Sprints with Miss. Huggins and Mrs. Leeming, Shotput with Whaea. Raewyn and Mrs. Prasad and Jump Jam with Mrs. Heeps.

The 9 year olds did high jump first. I didn’t do well in that. Then we had discus. After discus, we did sprints. I came 3rd in the 75m sprints and 3rd in the 100m sprints. Finally we had shotput. I was lucky and I came second. After that we had Jump Jam to finish off.

I had a wonderful time doing athletics.

Asmah's Athletics Fun

Hurray!!! it`s Friday it`s the day I was waiting for since Monday. It`s Athletics day. Miss Sayers told the 10 and 11 year olds to do the Jump Jam. Miss Sayers told the 9 year olds to do the high jump.

I was in the 9 year olds group. First it was the boys and then it was the girls. Soon it was the girls turn, I was after Samantha. I felt really nervous when it was my turn.

Next it was time the 9 year olds went to Miss Hiddleston who doing the discus. When it was my turn to throw the discus, I almost threw it the longest out of the girls.

After that we went to Mrs Prasad who was doing shotput. Mrs Prasad told us to line up in fours. Soon it was my turn to do the shotput. I felt really nervous, I didn`t throw it the longest.

Soon Miss Sayers did the siren. That meant it was time to change groups. Next we went to Mrs Huggins who was doing the running. Every one had a turn. The students who came first, second and third got a coloured card that has first, second and third on it.

Soon it was lunch time and the Athletics Sports was finished. I had a great time doing Athletics.

Viola's time at the Museum

It was our trip to the museum, I was so happy. Then Miss Paton called every body to come down to the mat and do the roll. Before Miss Paton did the roll she said to say hello to Eva and then Miss Paton did the roll. We went outside. The twin’s dad Craig came with us. When we got to the museum it was beautiful. It looked like the white house, then it was are morning tea. We got out of the bus and we followed room 7 to the front door. Room 7 class went in first but the man would not let school classes into the front door, so we went around to the other door.

Then Mrs Heeps’ class students went and room 8 went up the stairs to eat their morning tea. When we got into the museum Miss Paton was talking to the lady who was working at the museum. She told us to go up stairs to eat our morning tea.

After morning tea we got into groups. I was in Miss Paton’s group. The first place we went to was the natural discovery area. We looked at the wonderful things such as dinosaurs, big birds and fossils. I saw a tall bird and it was a moa. It was a three metres tall and I saw a moa’s egg. Miss Paton said that a moa’s egg is the equivalent to 60 hens eggs.

Also I saw fossils. Fossils are when something has died on a hard thing like a rock or on metal. It leaves it bones or shell. I also saw some fish bones and a shell in the rock pool at the the museum.

Then we went to the dinosaur area and we saw their skeletons. Miss Paton asked us which one was the one eats meat? and which one eats plants?.Then we headed to the land and sea area they were full of fish. There were star fish, crabs, cray fish.

We saw a tank that was made out of sand, water and crabs. The water and the crabs were not real. There were a lot of star fish in the tanks that I saw. I saw one that looked like star fish from the movies, it looked very pretty.

Then we headed to the the big cray fish. It looked like it was a huge crayfish. I thought that it was not real but then when I saw it moving, it was real. There were other fish. Then we went down a path, and it was full of fish and sharks. There was a movie playing about the sharks.

Then we headed to the volcano room. When we were there we went in to this room. It was scary because the TV came on by it self. Then the floor start to shake, the light’s went off. Then the volcano blew up. The lava was flowing towards us. Then I herd Chantelle screaming.

Then it was lunch time, we went out side to eat our lunch. We had play time. When everyone finished lunch eating we went inside again. We went into a gallery that had old things such as different chairs, outfits, plates and vases.

After this we went to see tiki’s, patu’s made out of greenstone. Then we walked to the Marae. We had to take our shoes off before we went inside the Marae. I took some photos of the marae, the patterns and the Maori carvings.

In the Pasifika area we saw some nice kete that were made in Tonga.Then we saw some tapa. There were a lot of tapa cloths. There were some from Samoa. There were some drums from the past and some carvings. There was a cloak made out of feathers. It was from Hawaii. It was the chef’s cloak. He only wore it when it was war.

After this we went to an area about rugby in the olden days. Then we went to meet rooms 7, 8 and 6. We went outside to get on the bus. Before we went on the bus Miss Paton did the roll. Then we got on the bus and headed back to school to get our bags. I had a wonderful time at the museum. It was amazing and interesting. I wished we could have stayed there until it closed. I hope we can go again.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cody L's time at the Museum

On the November 1st, Rooms’ 5,6, 7 and 8 went on a trip to the museum. When the bus got there we got put in groups with teacher and parents. I got put into Miss Paton group. Silas, Jonathan, Chantalle and Viola were in the same group as me. When we were done we went to the hall with room 6 and 7. Then we got on the bus to go to the museum.
When we got to the museum, we had to go around the museum to find the door to go inside the museum. When we found the door to the museum we went inside and went upstairs to have morning tea. When we finished our morning tea, we went to the Natural Discovery area. In there was dinosaurs, eggs, bats, a kiwi and a big bird called a moa. The moa is a flightless bird and it’s egg is really big. It could feed one classroom full of children. Then we had to answer some questions. After this we went to the land and sea area. In there we went into a cave to find glow worms and some birds in a tall tree. We found the glow worms but not all of the birds.

After that we went to the sea area. In there was fossils and shells. Inside the land and sea area was a water tank with some fish and a lobster. We took a photo of the water tank. Then we took some more photos at land and sea. After this we went to the volcano room. In there was a house and two rocks that could make music. We went in the house and watched a movie about a volcano erupting. The room started to shake and people started to scream. When we were done in the room, we had lunch outside of the museum. We climbed up a tree and saw the Sky Tower. When we finished eating our lunch, we continued our museum visit. \ We went to the wild child area. There was a tree house with some stuff in it and an ape. Down at the down bottom of the tree house were rabbits and a ferret. After that we went to the music room. It was full of instruments like a piano, violins and flutes.Then we went to the Maori court and it had a very long waka. We also went to the Marae. We had to take off our shoes. We went inside the Marae to have a rest and Miss Paton told us where we were going to.

Then we went to this theatre called the All Black Exhibition. The movie was about the Maori All Blacks and rugby. The movie was telling us that when a person wears a number on a Rugby jersey it gets passed on to a different person, when that person is injured or when they retire from the game. The number / jersey does not belong to one person. After that we all met at the grand foyer. Miss Paton counted our heads to see if we were all there, so we could go back to school. I wanted to stay at the museum a bit longer, but we had to go back to school. We all had to go on the bus and I fell asleep on the way back. It was such a great day visiting the Auckland Museum.

My Athletics Story By Efaraima


On Friday it was a great day. It was the Athletics day at our School . I came to school late. We did Jump Jam, High jump, Sprints, Shotput and Discus. Cody came first, Jarred came second in the High Jump. At Morning Tea I went to see my brother. After morning tea we were taking part in the races. I ran with Cody, Silas, Trinity, Lyrik and Roswell. I came 4th in the race. When the Athletics events were over we did the heats around the field. These were optional.
The 10 year olds started racing after the 9 years old. After the Running heats, the Athletics sports were over.

I had a great time taking part in the Athletics.

Tiare's recount on the Athletics Sports

“ Yay“ It’s was Friday and Athletics is about to start. On Friday we had an awesome day. Panmure Bridge School was going to do Athletics and I was extremely excited. I just could not wait. But the sad thing was that I could not do any of it. I enjoyed helping Miss Sayers with the high jump. Then we had weird crazy weather, it was sunny and windy.

I was amazed with what the 10 to 11 years old could do. Cody N and his twin brother Jarred were jumping really high. I could not believe what I was looking at. Then there was awesome Lavinia and Stefanie who were great. They made it look easy I was amazed at how high they could jump. The order that it went in was Lavinia came first and Stefanie came second, but I thought they both were winners. Then I thought it was going to rain but Miss Sayers was telling me not to say that but I
kept saying it. Just before finishing with the juniors, the bell had rang and people ran off to get there morning tea. Then morning tea had finished and I went to go watch shotput with the 10 to 11 years old. “ Wow that’s awesome “ I thought. The shotput was fun because I was looking at it while others were throwing it and it looked awesome!

“Run, Hillary you can do it ! “ 400m run. There I was watching people run sitting next to Merika. Then we had finished our amazing day but had finished off with the big 400m run.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Our brainstorm on kiwiana treasures

Check out our brainstorm on the Kiwiana Treasures.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Addnan's trip to the Museum

The Museum Trip

‘Yippee!!’ I said when I heard that we were going to the museum. I was so excited when we were on the bus. The bus was full and noisy.

When we arrived to the Museum I was shocked how big the Museum was. We got into our groups. The people in my group were Cody N, Jarred, Kobe, Jacob and the parent helper was Cody.N and Jarred’s dad Craig. I felt Jealous because I knew that there was going to be a lot of great stuff in the museum. When we got inside the museum I felt like jumping up and down.

The first room my group went in was full of pots. My favourite room was the Maori weapons room. I imagined we played a shooting game with the the guns.

Then we had lunch for about 30 minutes. After lunch we had free time in the museum. We just went inside for about 45 minutes and then we got out of the museum. Only our group got out. We had a little chat and then we met up with the the class and we went home.

I had a wonderful time at the museum.

My treasure by Kapri

This is a necklace that my grandma gave me before she died. Check out my fantastic poster.

My Treasure By Asmah

This is my treasure that my dad brought from Australia for me.

My time at the Auckland Museum By Maliana

My Time at the Auckland Museum

Yippee I can’t wait to get to the Auckland Museum!! One cloudy Tuesday morning rooms 5, 6, 7, and 8 went to the Auckland Museum. We went on a bus to the Museum. Some parents were there to help us. The parents that came were: Craig-Jarred and Cody’s dad, and Eva Roswell’s grandma. The teachers and support staff were: Mrs Le Strange, Mrs Kelly, Miss Sayers, Miss Paton, Mrs Heeps, Mrs Prasad, Mrs Bruce, Mrs Burgess and Mrs Colenbrander as well.

While we were in the bus I felt very nervous. Jarred and Cody N’s dad Craig was playing music on his phone. He played Jessie J Price Tag, Isabella and I were singing together with the song.

When we got off the bus we walked around the museum to get into the main entrance. When I first saw the museum I felt very shocked because of how huge it was.

When my class and I went inside the museum I felt fantastic. My class and I started our journey off. When we were having our morning tea Miss Paton gave each of the parents and teachers a clip board with questions we had to answer.

When we went inside the museum the people that worked at the museum took rooms 5, 6, 7 and 8 upstairs to have our morning tea. In my group I got to work with: Mrs. Kelly, Kapri, Merika, Isabella, Phoenix, and Dallas. After morning tea my group and I first went to the Weird and Wonderful room.The Weird and Wonderful room had lots of bugs, insects and lizards. The lizards would catch flies. It also had a frog and fish in fish tanks. When I first walked in the room I saw a fish tank and I saw Nemo and his friend Florida. It was very awesome when I went inside the Weird and Wonderful room. It’s really wonderful because there are different kinds of bugs and insects.

My group and I went to the Natural History room where we watched a movie and the movie was about dinosaur bones. We put our ears to the speakers to listen to the people that were talking on the T.V.

When we were walking Chantelle’s group came up to my group and said,”We are going to the Volcano Room”, and then my group asked Mrs Kelly if we could go to the Volcano room and Mrs Kelly said,”Yes”, we could go to the Volcano Room. My group and I shouted,”Yippy!!”, and then Mrs Kelly walked us over to the room. When we were in the room we watched the news of a volcano erupting and there was a big screen in front of us. Then the T.V. was shutting off. Then the room started to shake and we all started to scream because it was our first time in the Volcano room. We didn’t know that the room was going to shake. After that everything stopped moving and it was finished. I really enjoyed the volcano room because it was scary and cool at the same time.

After that we went back to have our lunch. After we had our lunch we walked back to the bus. We went inside it and then we waited till the others came. Then we took off back to school. When we were in the bus I sat next to Chantelle and I fell asleep. I was so exhausted after the trip. When we all got off the bus we went back to class to get our bags and then we went home. When I got home I went into my room and I went to sleep. I had an fantastic day at the Auckland Museum. I hope we go and visit again.

Asmah's trip to the Museum

My Trip to the Museum

I could hardly wait to go to the Auckland Museum. Rooms 5, 6, 7 and 8 went to the Museum because we were learning about treasures that the Museum had. It was Tuesday November 1st. The parent helpers were Roswell`s Grandma, Jarred and Cody`s Dad, Mrs Kelly and Miss Paton.

When we got off the bus we were looking for the entrance to the Museum but unfortunately they would not let school groups in the Museum. So the senior team and room 8 went to the back entrance of the Museum. When we got in the Museum a worker told us to go upstairs to have our morning tea. After that we went to the Natural Discovery area.

In Miss Paton`s group was Veisinia, Asmah, Viola, Silas, Jonathan and Chantelle. There was an ostrich, a moa and lots of birds, eggs and dinosaur bones. The egg of the moa could hold 60 eggs of a hen.

Next we went to the Land and Sea area. When we got into the Land and Sea area I saw lots of fish. Next we went to the Volcano room. In the Volcano room there was a big T.V. showing a news broadcast. Suddenly the room started to shake. I felt like I was in a real volcano erupting. I felt like screaming but I didn`t, instead I just closed and my ears.

After the Volcano room we had our yummy lunch. After lunch we went to the ground floor where there were lots of Pacifika treasures. In the Pacifika area there were masks, drums and a hawaiian clock.

Next we went to watch a video about the Maori Rugby team. It was set in the olden days.

Soon it was time for Rooms 5, 6, 7 and 8 to go back to school because it was two clock. So every one went into the bus. Room 5 and 6 in one bus and Room 7 and 8 in an other. So we went to school and went home.
I enjoyed my time at the Auckland Museum looking at all the treasures.

Kobe's treasure

This is my treasure that I got from the South Island.

Chantelle's trip to the Museum

Our memorable Museum Trip

How wonderful is that, we have just arrived at the Auckland Museum. Now it's time to walk through the entrance way and up the steps. We went to have morning tea. Now our journey begins here. Down the steps we go and now we’re off to learn about the treasure in the museum.

First my group went to the natural discoveries area and it was cool, because we got to see a Moa’s egg. It was huge. We also got to see a kiwi’s egg. It was about the size of half a pencil case. There was also a great big penguin that was just standing there. The greatest thing was that the dinosaurs were bigger than me.

Our next room we went to was weird and wonderful which had insects and spiders. I was scared when I saw the great big hairy tarantula.

Our next room was land and sea which had a great big starfish and there was a cave that had glow worms on the top. There was also a great big red crayfish that might have been the same size as my baby cousin.

After we had finished in the land and sea area we went to the scary volcano room. “Boom boom,” went the television and smoke coming towards me. I screamed loud some people said to me “Were you scared?”. and “Did you scream?”. I said “Yes”.

Up the steps we went to have lunch. My stomach was like a volcano erupting in front of me. I was so hungry that I could not wait to eat my yummy lunch.

After I had finished my yummy lunch my group went to the Wild Child area. In the Wild Child area it had yummy old candy, a great big elephant and a tree house that had a great big ape.

When we had finished in the wild child area we went to the Pacific Room. In the Pacific Room there were beautiful tapa cloths, necklaces, masks, combs and cloaks. There was also a really huge Waka and a Marae. My group went into the Marae. We talked about where we were going to next. We got to see the Maori patterns, they were very interesting to look at.

Finally we got to end the day by watching a movie on the Maori All Blacks. The best thing was looking at the Maori All Black Jersey when you first walked into room.

It was sad to leave the Auckland Museum. It was a great journey in the museum. Hopefully we can go again later on in the year. It was great fun learning about treasures in the museum.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My amazing treasures

These are my amazing treasures I got from soccer. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

My treasure

This is my Cultural Treasure. It was made for me by my grandma.

My treasure

These are my treasures. They are crystals they help me sleep. My favourite is the purple Amethyst.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My treasure by Chantelle

This is my treasure poster that I did this morning on my All Blacks cap that I did on Comic Life.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who wants to be a Millionaire

Welcome to celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Today could be your chance to become a Millionaire. This movie is based on the favourite TV show. Have a go at answering the questions with the celebrities. You may do better than them. If you enjoyed watching our movie at the cinema or in your classroom, then feel free to leave us a comment. We love getting your feedback.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Film Festival link

Hi Room 5,

If there are any movies that you would like to make a comment on or you would like to view again then here is the link.

Click here to the movies link

This link will take you to all of the movies that were screened at the Film Festival. As you know movies take a long time to make, a lot of effort goes into making them and it would be wonderful if you could brighten up a classes day and your leave comments.

Chantelle's Wallwisher

Check out Chantelle's wall wisher display based on the Auckland Museum Trip.
She has done quite a lot of brainstorming.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our trip to the Auckland Museum

Today we visited the Museum to learn about treasures of the past and treasures found in cultures. It was a great day and the children were divided into groups. They were given a Digital Camera and the Flip Video Camera to take lots of photographs of the treasures they found. Here is a small sample of photographs that the class took.

Create your own video slideshow at