Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Wallwisher By Creedence

This is my comment to Aryan-Quaid

This is my comment to Aryan.

My comment to Room 8 By Jacob

This is my comment to room 8 on Taniwha's.

My Comment that I wrote to room 2 blowing bubbles

This is my comment that I made to room 2

My Wallwisher on Up, Up and Away By Angel

Wordle on Up, Up and Away vocab By Tevita

Hi this is my wordle about things that could fly.

Questions on Up, Up and Away By Amato

This is my wall wisher on up up and away

My Wordle on Flight By Teagan

These words are based on flight. The wright brothers created the first aeroplane.

Up, Up and Away Vocab By Isabella

These are the words that I did on wordle.
These words are all based on our topic which is Up, Up and Away.

Asmah's Wall Wisher Questions on Up, Up and Away

Up, Up and Away Vocab Wordle By Tyler

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The 2012 Mintie Challenge

This term we are learning about Measurement - length and distance in Maths. Today Miss Paton gave us each a Mintie and the challenge was to tear the wrapper ensuring we kept it in one piece. The person with the longest wrapper was the winner. We used a metre ruler to measure our Mintie wrappers.

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Our Comment to Room 2 By Room 5

Today we made a comment to Room 2 on their amazing bubble blowing activity. Check out our comment.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Miss Paton's movie on using the Room 5 Google site.

This is the process I went through when I taught my children how to make Tapa Cloths.

To view the class Google site, click here

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Kapa Haka Group performance

Last term some of the Kapa Haka group performed to the Pakuranga Rotary Group. It was a special afternoon as the Pakuranga Rotary Club hosted some visitors from Alaska. The Kapa Haka group made Panmure Bridge School proud. Check out the movie.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Room 5's favourite sports, By Rose

In Room 5 the popular sport was Soccer. The sports that were liked by same number of people were Netball and Rugby. Running was the lease popular.

Tim's Study Ladder Results

My Goal Setting, By Nicola

This is what I did on comic life, Comic life is an arty crafty thing. You can do all sorts of amazing things on it, like, Change colours and backgrounds And there are much more things on it that you can do.I had to do some Goal settings. Meaning I had write goals. All of the kids in our class had to do it ( I don't know if everyone has done it yet? )The goals were for: Writing, Reading, Behaviour and Math.I tried to do the comic life correctly but I still think it is good work ifI do say so myself.

My Goal Setting, By Quaid

This is my Goal setting. This means that all of this is what I need to achieve on for next year. My Writing, Reading, Maths goals are based on what I found tricky in my Asttle tests.

My Tapa Instructions By Raymond

How to make a Tapa
Equipment List
30cm x 30cm square of brown paper
Black vivid marker

1. Rule the paper every 3cm across and downwards. This should make a 10 x 10 grid
2. Draw a picture using a pencil
3. Go over pencil marks using a vivid
4. Rub out the grid
5. When you arr done you rub out your grid.
6. Scrunch up paper ten times.
7. Dye paper with brown dye
8. Let the Tapa dry.
9. Bleach over the areas you would like to have white Tapa.
10. Let the Tapa dry and hang it up.

My Tapa Cloth Reflection, By Liantre

Reflecting on my Tapa Cloth
1. Are you pleased with your Tapa Cloth? why / why not?
Yes because it is my marae pattern.
2. What did you find easy when you were creating your Tapa?
Doing the koru
3. What did you find tricky when you were creating your Tapa?
Doing the grid because you had to make it straight.
4. If you made another Tapa,what would you change and why?
Because I want it to be different from other peoples.
5. Who / What has helped you in creating your Tapa?
My culture patterns, the photographs from Mrs Walters, Miss Paton, my Mum drew my Marae patterns.
6. Did you use any of your own cultural patterns in your own Tapa? Which ones?
What do they mean? If you didn’t use your cultural patterns, what did patterns did you use? Where did they come from?
Yes I used my cultural patterns from my marae.
7. What geometric elements does your Tapa Cloth show?
Reflection, Rotation, Translation. My tapa shows Reflection

My Goal Setting, By Isabella

This is my goal setting. It has my reading goal, maths goal, writing goal and behaviour goal.
Miss Paton and my friend Caitlin has helped me with this.
I had a lot of fun also I hope I will achieve this for next term.

Room 5's favourite sports, By Amato

Rugby is the most popular sport in room 5. Touch is the least popular sport in room 5 because no one plays it that much. soccer was one of the favourite sports in room 5.

My Mihi By Caitlin

This is my mihi. It is all about me please make some comments.

My finished tasks, By Teagan

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More of our Easter Egg Photos

Check out the Room 5 Master Chefs. They did a great job making chocolates and worked well as a team.

Making Easter Eggs

Today Room 5, had an end of term treat. They got to make Easter Eggs using Chocolate melts and molds. It was a great team building activity. Check out our photos.

Today it was the last day of swimming. We have been so lucky to have the portable pool onsite and to go swimming three times a week. The water was lovely and warm. The best thing about it was that when it was pouring with rain we were still able to go swimming as it was properly sheltered. It's been a wonderful nine weeks learning how to swimming and improving on our swimming techniques.

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The last remaining Tapa Cloths

Check out these wonderful Tapa Artworks.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Teagan's Learning Goals

Check out Teagan's Learning Goals he made in a Comic Life Presentation.