Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mrs Eeles results

During these last six weeks Mrs Eeles has been achieving very well with answering the News Quiz questions. She has been scoring around 70% - 80% most weeks. Unfortunately in Week 8, she had an off week and only scored 40%. We're sure Mrs Eeles will perform better next week.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our award winning movie

Learning is at the heart to what we do and this movie celebrates this. This movie was submitted to the Google Teachers Academy, under the theme "Motivation and Learning". It had to be one minute long. Last Thursday Miss Paton found out that the application was successful. During the July holidays Miss Paton will fly off to the United States of America Chicago and will visit the Google institute. She will be recognized as a Google Certified Teacher. This movie was a real team effort and it celebrates digital learning in Room 5.

Room 5 JOY from Joy Marie on Vimeo.

Should Panmure Bridge School have a swimming pool? By Lani

Check out Lani's speech on Should Panmure Bridge School have a swimming pool?

Lani speech from Joy Marie on Vimeo.

Raymond's speech: Should Panmure Bridge School have a swimming pool?

Check out Raymond's speech on: Should Panmure Bridge School have a swimming pool?

Raymond speech from Joy Marie on Vimeo.

Should we have school buses to pick us up and drop us off from school. Speech By Jane

Check out Jane's reasons for having school buses

Jane Speech from Joy Marie on Vimeo.

June's speech: Should Panmure Bridge School have a swimming pool

Check out June's speech on: Should Panmure Bridge School have a swimming pool?

June speech from Joy Marie on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Reon's Speech: Should we have a Homework club at school

Check out Reon's speech: Should we have a homework club at school

Reon speech from Joy Marie on Vimeo.

Jasmine's Speech: Should Panmure Bridge have a Swimming pool?

Check out Jasmine's speech on should Panmure Bridge School have a Swimming Pool

Jasmine Speech from Joy Marie on Vimeo.

Ducati's Speech: Should we have class pets at Panmure Bridge School?

Check out Ducati's speech on Should we have class pets at Panmure Bridge School?

Ducati speech from Joy Marie on Vimeo.

San Tat's speech on wearing mufti clothes to school

Check out San Tat's speech on wearing mufti clothes to school

San Tat speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Harry's Speech: Panmure Bridge School should have a cafeteria

Check out Harry's speech on Should Panmure Bridge School have a cafeteria

Harry Speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Should we be allowed to Cycle to School By Cyprus

Check out Cyprus' speech on Should we be allowed to Cycle to school

Cyprus Speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Samantha's speech on Should Panmure Bridge School have a swimming pool?

Check out Samantha's speech on Should Panmure Bridge School have a swimming pool?

Samantha Speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Should Year 5 & 6 go to camp? By Oh S'mar

Check out Oh S'mar's speech on Should Year 5 & 6 go to camp?

Oh S'mar Speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Should animals be treated equally as humans By Caitlin

Check out Caitlin's speech she did in front of the class today.

Caitlin speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Should we serve breakfast at school By Lavinia

Check out Lavinia's speech on Should we serve breakfast at school

Lavinia speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Should we replace our desk top computers with iPads By Zeba

Check out Zeba's speech she did in front of the class today

Zeba Speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Should we learn other languages? By Thomas

Check out Thomas' speech on learning other languages.

Thomas Speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Should we have a cafeteria at Panmure Bridge School

Check out Tim's speech on Should Panmure Bridge School have a cafeteria.

Tim speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Should animals be used in circuses By Fine

Check out Fine presenting her speech to the class

Fine1 from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Should Animals be used for Scientific Research? By Angel

Check out Angel presenting her speech to the class

Angel Speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Should Panmure Bridge School have a Science Lab?

Check out Latham's filmed speech.

Latham speech from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Speech: Should animals be used for scientific research By Angel

Animals have something in common with humans, that thing is feelings. How would it feel like if you were taken away from your home and your family just for a scientific research? How would it feel like being in a weird scary room with needles being pricked into your body? Well, this is what some of the animals are experiencing.

Why do some scientists do research on animals?, why can’t they do it on other things? Some people think that the information that the scientists are gathering is quite entertaining including me, but the main source of the information is animals and how they are being treated. Animals shouldn’t be treated this way for research. If you think that going to the doctors and getting a blood test hurts, that is nothing to animals who are used for research, animals even get killed.

According to animal testing statistics about 13.4 million cats and dogs are put to death each year. 19.5 million are killed each year in research. The most common animal that is used in research are rabbits which equals a total of 245,786 rabbits. Each year about 70 million animals are blinded, scalded, force - fed chemicals and hurt or killed. 61% of animals suffer in no pain. Lots of different animals are tested. Tigers, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, pigs, sheep and many more. Approximately 170,000 hamsters are used in research each year. Several animal tests are commonly performed on rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs. Did you know that 92% of experimental drugs that are and safe on animals fail to work on humans because they are too dangerous or they won't work.

God created animals for a reason. Animals are really fun to play with. I simply love animals. Scientists should stop using animals for their testing and start caring for them. It would be such a shame for me and other animal lovers to see how many dogs, cats and other species die each year through research. In conclusion, I strongly believe that animal testing should stop so the world can be a safer place for both animals and humans.

Should all New Zealand Schools have cafeterias? By Yvette

Should Schools in New Zealand have Cafeterias?

I believe Schools in New Zealand should have Cafeterias. I know cafeterias would be lovely in New Zealand schools. How will students get to school in time if they live far away?, How will parents make their kids lunches if they go to work early?, Why does cafeteria food taste better than supermarket food?, How is cafeteria food sometimes healthier than flavoured dairy products and junk food from the supermarket, and What do statistics say about this.

If students live further away from school and walk to school, it saves time for them to get to school instead of buying unhealthy food from dairies when you can order food from the Cafeteria at school, also you won’t get in trouble for coming late because you won’t be coming late.

Sometimes students parents don’t have enough time to make their own kids lunches in the morning because they work an early shift in the morning. Students might not be able to make their own lunches as well because their parents drop them off to school at the same time they go to work because they are not allowed to stay at home by themselves.

When you buy food from the Cafeteria it taste better than the food you get from supermarkets or dairies. When you buy food from supermarkets or dairies it doesn’t taste as good because it could be rotten or old, sometimes expired, it could also have so much fat. If you don’t like the food you get from the supermarket you would probably would want to throw it away. I know I wouldn’t want to throw Cafeteria food away. I have been to a lot of Cafeterias and none of their food taste yuck.

Cafeterias might provide healthier food than sugary food from diaries example. The lollies from the dairies and chocolate, and supermarkets example. Chippy packets and soda drinks. Sometimes people don’t see how much fat and sugar are in their food they buy, when there's too much fat and sugar in your food you can get fat and obese. When you buy food from the Cafeteria at school it would probably be healthier because the school would want to look out for your health.

According to health and children @ cafeteria food, some cafeterias in schools are sealing healthy fresh food from their local farm. With the healthy food in their environment it can reduce fatness and obesity, also it would help you grow healthy and strong. Now that they are stopping sealing junk food and sugary food students won’t get obese and fat, instead you would get strong and healthy.

 According to stats-on-your-childs school-lunches many studies have found that lunches from home are worse than lunches at school. Children who ate lunch at school got more nutrients in their meals than kids responsible for bringing their own lunches. Too many salty, sweet and nutrient-poor snack foods make up lunches brought from home. I have searched a lot of websites. Most of them say kids are getting obese and fat from these food they sell. I have found that Fruit was offered at nearly half the schools, with one giving it to students free. Just 30 per cent had sushi on the menu, while nearly all offered sandwiches or salad rolls. Four schools had a water-only policy so did not sell soft drinks. In 2006, the Education Minister at the time, Steve Maharey, and Green MP Sue Kedgley announced a $3- million-a-year nutrition fund to help schools provide healthier food. The Greens surveyed school canteens that year. I know Cafeterias and other food shops are getting rid of the junk and bringing back the healthy foods.

Therefore I feel Panmure Bridge School should have a healthy food cafeteria, where we can go and get morning tea and lunch at our convenience.

Jessie's speech on: Should children be allowed on Facebook?

I believe that children should not be allowed a Facebook account. Facebook claims to have more than 7.5 million children the age of 13 on this social network site. According to research reports 5 million of those are children 10 year and under, with such a large number of children issues like cyber bullying, lack of parental supervision this has become a serious problem.

Young children having a Facebook account raises serious concerns of cyber bullying. Children can be silly and naughty and pick on each other and say mean stuff to one another, they can also swear and say rude stuff about one another. Most children think this is okay because they won’t get in trouble, but their teacher could easily find out what they are doing. This is why facebook is a huge form of bullying, and young children should be protected from it.

Parents aren't always able to supervise their child while they are on the internet. If your child has a Facebook account they are suppose to be 13 years and over. Children are unaware of how dangerous the internet can be, children may accidently give away personal information to prey. It is impossible to protect children from everything that happens on the internet.

Letting your young child have a Facebook account takes away their ability to focus. For example if school children were allowed a Facebook account they might go on it when they're not allowed too would get in trouble from their teacher if they did that in class time. Your friends you are sitting next to could tell on you if they saw you on Facebook. This is why I believe children shouldn’t be allowed on Facebook.

When you are 13 then you can have a Facebook account. I reckon all children should wait until they old enough to have a Facebook account.

Should Panmure Bridge School have a Science Laboratory? By Latham

I want our school to have a Science Laboratory. We need a Science laboratory at our school so that we can learn how to blow stuff up safely and use electricity. We can get a uniform made out of a strong material like steel but not steel because steel attracts electricity and that would shock you to death.

If you get too crazy with science you could do some damage to the school. If we have a science lab, we should only have 4 to 6 students at a time doing experiments so that it is safe.

Maybe we could get an old car that does not go and try to make it work again by getting the motor and pumping in electricity to try bring it back to life.

This week I went to the Science Road Show to learn about science and how it works which I really loved. This man showed us how to make cottage cheese. You have to get a cup of milk and some vinegar and then you stir it up. You get this kind of thick stuff called curds and whey which you pour through a cloth and what you are left with is cheese. I think this is really cool.

Labs are used for scientific research, in the 18th century there was a chemistry lab used by Antoine Lavoisier. In 1901 Thomas Edison came up with the lightbulb and he also had a lab to experiment in. Joseph Swan and Hiram Stevens Maxim also invented the lightbulb.

Research tells us that one of the good things about having science labs in primary schools is that the students get to see what is happening, which makes it more interesting for them to learn about Science instead of just reading about it. Learning comes alive for students learning is hands on, seeing is believing.

I found a report on the internet which showed me that out of 119 primary school students 87% enjoyed doing a science experiment with other students, 9% were not sure, and only 4% did not enjoy doing the science experiment.

The study showed me that the students achieved a better understanding about Science when they did the experiment themselves. I really enjoy doing science experiments and I hope that we get to do it more often at school. I hope you enjoyed my speech.

Should Panmure Bridge School use iPads instead of class desktop computers?


I believe all classes should use iPads instead of desktop computers because I have an iPad at my house. I think it really helps you with your studies. Here is an example: If you have trouble with Maths or any subject and your netbook is broken, you can go on it through an iPad at school. There are lots of apps that can help you with your maths and it is a lot easier taking screenshots and shutting it down rather than doing it on the class computer / netbook. Ipads are not as heavy as netbooks so they will not fall and break the screen or any part of it.

In the holidays if you took your netbook home and you wanted take a picture of what you did but you don't know how? iPads are very easy to take pictures and post onto your blog. On your own iPad you would not be allowed on games just like netbooks but on iPads you can't go on computer games unlike netbooks except for literacy games your teacher puts up for you and the appstore as well because if you try to download a game you would need the teachers password first.

One of my favourite apps is Mathe Matics. It is where your parents or teacher creates a account for you just like Sumdog. If the students want to download an app that is not appropriate they will first need the teachers password because any App they download the teacher will have to check if it is safe first, not only is it easy for a typically technologically savvy person iPads help children, adults and the elderly.

iPads can save money and trees, you can also read books on them which can help you with literacy. iPads provide handfuls of information here is an example: If you're reading a book on the iPad and you come to a definition of a word that you do not know, it will lead you to a glossary or a dictionary! iPads make for a more engaging learning environment that hooks in reluctant learners. The large multi - touch iPad lets the children use their fingertips and this is very beneficial for younger children. The iPads are considerably cheaper than desktop or laptop computers while still providing excellent learning opportunities.

Fine's Speech: Should animals be kept in the circus?

My speech on: Should animals be kept in the circus? By Fine 

Circuses with animal acts might seem perfect and jubilant, but if you looked beneath their bright lights and happy music, torture and death is the only thing found. Almost everyday animals are being put into cages and abused just to learn the ways of a stunt. Animals should have a chance to freedom.Why should they be kept away from their habitats, lives and families. Why do people hunt down animals just to put them into their entertainment?

Even during shows, bullhooks can be found hidden beneath jewels and cloth. They disguise these weapons so that they may use them during shows, but hide them, so the public won't have a clue. Trainers use whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, bullhooks and much more. Did you know that some animals have ropes tied around their necks, so if they disobey their trainers, they will be choked. Trainers also burn bears paws and break their noses forcing the bears to stand on their hind legs. Trainers also beat up monkeys and chimpanzees while they scream.

As a result of not having a lot of money, circus operations will frequently not give their animals enough water, food, clean their cages properly or give them medical care when needed. Animals die just because of this.

According to the Animal Welfare Act, 96 percent of a circus animal’s life is spent in chains or cages. 66 per cent of tigers and lions were starved to death. Between 1994 - 2005, 31 elephants died premature deaths. 33 per cent of wildcats such as tigers and lions did not have access to the outside world and did not have a natural habitat. All wild animals are very frightened of seeing cages because they are use to natural habitat. Animals spend about 11 months travelling, during travelling, animals are caged and chained for long distances and hours through extreme temperatures.

This is the life behind the magic. Believe it or not,but animal cruelty doesn’t just happen in circuses. If you love animals, you should take a visit to the zoo, where they are taken care of and have a proper habitat.You could also visit circuses without animal acts like Cirque Du Soleil. If everyone stopped abusing animals then life would be much easier. So stop!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Learning before numbers within 5-6 digits By Yvette

This is my maths work. I am learning how to subtract 1 from 5 -6 digit numbers. My number was 57,049. I subtracted 1 from the ones column and got 57,048. My other number was 13,2696. I looked at the last column and took away 1 and got 13,2695.

My classroom scale plan By Angel

This is my classroom scale drawing. Miss Paton’s cupboard is diagonally across the back door. The teacher’s desk is opposite the sink in the art area. The back door is connected to the wall but the front door is not. Miss Paton’s other cupboard is opposite the bookshelf. The whiteboard is opposite one of the computers. The rubbish bin is diagonally across the towels in the art area.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lavinia's Argument Plan on Should Homework be compulsory

This is my argument writing plan.  On should homework be compulsory.

Yvette's Flipping eBook on Past Education

This is my Flipping e book on past education

San Tat's scale drawing of the classroom

This is my classroom drawing on room 5. Miss Paton’s desk and the computer is a opposite. The front door and the back door is not opposite. The Net Book cupboard and the book shelf is opposite.The window next to Miss Paton desk and the window next to the art area is directly opposite.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tim's reasons for and against in making homework compulsory

Here is Tim's Table on the argument: Should Homework be compulsory.

Angel's Flipping eBook on Past Education

This is my flipping E-Book on Past Education. It was really fun making it. It shows what it was like in the past. One thing I learnt was that they used Quills and ink because they didn't have and ballpoint pens.

Our Maths - Learning the number of tens in two digit numbers

Make your own slide show at Animoto.
Here are our posters in expressing 2 digit numbers. We chose our own number, then we had to use ten dollar notes and one dollar coins to express and then wrote the equations. Check out our Animoto presentation.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Writing Plan

This is my Writing plan on my argument: Should Homework be compulsory? I believe homework should be compulsory. My reasons are classified into boxes, so that my ideas don't get jumbled. These themes / ideas will be made into paragraphs in my written argument. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Identifying tens and ones By Lavinia

Today me and my group were identifying how many tens and ones.
 I used 8 tens and 9 ones to identify the number 89 and I used 6 tens and 7 ones to identify the number 67 

My quiz results By Angel

This is morning me and my partner Fine did a quiz. Thee question were national questions. We scored 100%. We got of our questions right. We got no questions wrong.

My number story on three digit numbers

This is my number story  and I am very proud of it because  I finished it before the others and on time.

My comment to Room 2's blog By Yvette

AnonymousYvette said...
Hi room2,
I like the video on brushing your teeth. I really like brushing my teeth aswell. Have good fun and don't forget to brush your teeth 3 times a day.

By Yvette
May 31, 2013 at 4:52 PM
This is my blog comment to Room2 about brushing your teeth.

My recount on Des Hunt By Fine

My recount on went Des Hunt visited

It was a cold windy day and the best reliever was teaching our class. She announced that an author by the name of Des Hunt was coming for a visit. I wasn't that excited at first but when I saw all his equipment on the table, I was easily excited. He was an old man but he looked happy sharing his inventions and whatnot s with us. He started off with talking about his personal life, then got into action. I didn't really understand because I was caught up in the moment at the end of his explosions. He did a BANG!!. From then on we were waiting for his next arrival.

Tim's Flipping eBook on Technology in Education

This is flip snack on The History Of Technology In Education. This is a flip snack about the technology in education. Making the flip snack was really fun because It helps me learn new things.

Jharda'e's Flipping eBook on Past Education

This is my flipping ebook I have learnt heaps about what happened in the past especially that the girls had to have their hair tied up or they will get the strap.