Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Reading Activity By Cyprus

Life on a desert road

1) What is a desert usually look and feel like?
A desert is usually hot,dry and sandy.

2) Where does the desert road run through?
Road runs through a desert that is cold and windy and covered in ice or snow in winter.
3) What happened to the trees?
The trees got destroyed by NZ biggest volcanic eruptions
4) What is around desert road today?
Many animals live in scrub.
5) What animals live near the road?
The Scrub

6) What happens if your car breaks down on desert road?
If you break down wait for a passing car or you might even need to send for the tow truck.

7) What do Cliff and Mana do?
Cliff Taylor check the huge pylons that carry electricity to other parts of North Island. People like Mana Wilson have to work hard to clear it out.

8) What could be seen as a strange sight on the desert road?
An army tank would be a strange sight on most roads.
9) What does the army camp allow every year?
Every year, the army lets a car club use their land to race off-road cars.

10) Other than the army camp what else can be found along desert road?
Apart from the land the army owns, the area beside the road is a National Park.

11) What do the Tutauha family do to help?
The Tutauha family help clean it up, by collecting the cans for recycling.

12) Why do tourists stop along this road? What do they see?

Tourists from all over the world stop on desert roads to look at our beautiful volcanic mountains.

This is my Reading activity.

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