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Tim's Comment to Room 1

                                            This is my comment to room 1. Room 1 is awesome. It was a shame that we couldn't see their blog at assembly

Voyage of Exploration Fine's Reading Follow up task

Sapphire Group
Title: Voyage of Exploration
Connected 2012

Learning Intention
I am learning to find information in the text
I am learning to link prior knowledge and experiences to the texts I read

Comprehension Questions

1. What are the NIWA Scientists doing?
The NIWA scientists spy on a mysterious world teeming with strange life.

2. Why is there a camera on the ship?
The camera helps the NIWA scientists discover new animals and new plants under water.

3. Describe the seabed
The sea bed looks like fine, brittle stalks, growing in clumps. FIshers call it the wire weed. But this is no weed. Each stalk is actually a hollow tube, built by the worm that lives inside it.

4. What is the weed and how does it support other sea life?
The weed is called the seabed, fishers call it the wire weed. The worm meadow that lives inside the seabed supports a whole range of life. Young sea perch dart in and out. Sea quiets attach themselves to the wire weed and filter the water passing through their own bodies, drawing out small particles of food from it.

5. Describe the feather stars
Walking feather stars retract their arms when disturbed.

6. What new information has been gained from the voyage?
The voyage has found new information about the habitats and distributions of many different species, including species we didn’t even know existed.

7. What is the DTIS?
DITS is to explore the world beneath the waves. DITS is short for Deep Towed Imaging System.

8. How does the DTIS work and why use it?
The DTIS works at a very slow pace, allowing the system’s cameras to capture images of any marine life.

9. Describe the process in sorting the animals.
The technicians who work with the scientists divide the animals and plants into groups or piles ( each plant and animal will have its own pile or group).

10. What is a taxonomist?
A taxonomist is a biologist who specialises in classifying organisms

11. Why classify the animals?

Because the scientists are better to understand different, how they function, and how they work together in the ecosystem.  

My Comment to Room 1 By Jason

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Patrick's comment to Room 1

This is my comment to room 1 hope you look at this room 1

My Comment on Caitlin's Narrative By Thomas

This is my comment to Caitlin. If you want to see Caitlins narrative check her blog.

Tamaki River Padlet By Zeba

This is my wallwisher on the Tamaki River.

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Fast Factors Result By Harry

This is my Fast Factors result it took me 29 seconds at last it takes me less then 30 seconds.

Caitlin's Narrative

House Fire

Once upon a time there was a couple who lived in a massive house. Their names were Margaret and Andy they had 2 daughters their names were Elizabeth and Cece. Elizabeth and Cece were spoilt little girls. What ever they wanted they got. They went to a private school for girls. The mum and dad started arguing. The girls didn’t like when they argued because they would stay up all night arguing. The neighbours could even hear them arguing. When Elizabeth and Cece came home they saw that their mum was sleeping. “WAKE UP MUM!!” shouted Cece. So the mum woke up. The mum was making the girls afternoon tea. They had Mini Pizza’s, Fruit salad and a drink. “Thanks Mum” said the girls this looks very delicious. The girls went to there room because they were tired. When their dad got home it was 6:30pm. The girls woke up for dinner they were starving. For dinner the dad made Spaghetti Bolognese. He started cooking the dinner for his family. He fell asleep while the stove was on. The two girls came down stairs “AAAA!!! THE WHOLE KITCHEN WAS ON FIRE” they screamed in horror. The mother came down the stairs and saw that the kitchen was on fire. “Get out of here” she said to the girls. As she feared for her life she was trying to wake up the dad but he was listening. Finally the flames were starting to go ever. The smell of smoke was coming from the kitchen. Cece grabbed her phone and called 911 she asked for the Fire Department to come as quick as possible. The Fire Department came but it was to late the house was burnt right down to the ground. The mum made it out of the house but sadly the dad didn’t. The whole family were in tears. All of their memories and their photo books were gone. 3 years later the family were living in a smaller house. They also had 2 dogs. The family still remembered the incident but they felt happy that they had moved on from that day. THE END

Voice Thread By Angel and Fine

My Narrative By Yvette

The Tragedy At The Frost’s Home.

The sun was starting to set and Grandma Sophie was just waking up. Grandma Sophie lived in a 2 story house with her kids Violet, David and her husband Jamie Frost. They were a very happy family. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew them. They were called the happy family because they would always play games, laugh, have fun and they would all be nice to everyone they met. One day the happy family took a day off school and work to go see the grand opening of a new fun place called Rainbows End, and also go see the fireworks at Crystal Domain. Rainbows End was the most fun the family has ever had. The family went on all the rides, went to all the cafeterias and shops and they would even spend their spare time at the arcade. Time passed and the family needed to leave to go see the amazing fireworks that is being held at 9:00pm at Crystal Domain. They showed the fireworks at 9:00pm so it would be very dark enough for the fireworks to brighten up the sky even more. The family drove in their Land Rover to Crystal Domain.

Crystal domain was quite far from where they lived. Since the fireworks ended at 4:00am they decided to get an apartment to stay for the night or shall I say morning. The fireworks were stunning, it had the most amazing, beautiful, bright and breath taking view they had ever seen. The Frost family was so happy, the fireworks reminded them of good times when they were young. The family estimated that there was about 500 people there, but that didn’t matter to them. You would be able to see the fireworks from miles away. Families started to leave at midnight, but the Frost family stayed all night until it finished. The family was so tired. They slept from 4:00pm to 12am.

The family woke up from the sound of sirens going off outside of their apartment, they could see the ambulance, fire trucks and police gushing through the city with all their sirens flashing on and off. The family was surprised, hardly any fire departments get called. Jamie began to get worried. He said to his wife and kids “maybe we should go home to see if everything's ok back at home”. The family agreed, they would be heartbroken to see if anyone was hurt in their neighbourhood. The family was very scared. The family drove home and you do not want to know what they saw. Their whole house was on fire. The windows were bursting out into flames, smoke was coming out of the roof, and flames were bursting everywhere. The family could smell the strong smell of smoke and of wood burning. The whole house was falling apart. They could see all the fire trucks, police and ambulance scattering inside the house searching for people. All of the family’s memories and treasures were lost, their photo books and family games. They went to the police and explained, sadly that this was their home that has been destroyed. The family was pouring with tears. Everyone in the neighbourhood heard the terrible accident and tried to help in every way possible. But nothing could cheer the family up except knowing that everyone was keen to help in every way. The family lost everything they loved. All the things that were in the house was irreplaceable. It took a few years for the family to get over the incident. The family settled in a more protective home near crystal domain in the city. The family cherished their new home with love, photos and family games. But no one forgot the incident at the original Frost home. People thought the incident was on purpose, that someone set it on fire. That this was the work of a pyromaniac. But no one will know. This was the sad story of the frost’s home.

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My Questions on the Tamaki River

Check out my questions I have written on the Tamaki River. These were used as an example to help my students.

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Wahoo we have reached 100,000 views. This is a huge achievement and we would like to thank our loyal viewers very much for visiting our blog which celebrates student learning in all of the curriculum areas. Creative Voice started at the beginning of 2009 in a Year 2 class. Since then Miss Paton has moved up to teaching Year 5 & 6 students. Ironically the majority of students whom she taught as Year 2's are now in Years 5 & 6 and are in her class. It has been lots of fun sharing the times we have had and the valuable learning opportunities we have experienced. Keep on visiting this blog, we love sharing our learning with you.

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Tim's Homework Presentation

This Is My Homework Presentation. Check out how I solved the two problems

My Homework Presentation By Harry

My Homework Presentation By Yvette

Week 1 Homework By Lavinia

This is my homework for week 1 this term. Check out my strategy.

My Homework By Thomas

This is my homework for week 1 this term. Check out my strategy.

Week 1 Homework from Caitlin

This is Caitlin's homework for this week. Check out how she has solved the two Maths Problems.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Xtramaths Results By Tim

           This is my Xtra Maths Results. I have 7 smiley faces, 20 ticks and 2 wrong. I need to be more faster. And I am really close to being on multiplication. I Just need to be more faster and know the answers and answer it very quickly. I have to try my best to get to a hundred.

My connections to the Tamaki River By Cyprus

These are my Tamaki River connections. I have lots of connections with the Tamaki River. I HOPE YOU ENJOY

Prsent Day Tamaki River Connections By Fine

My popplet on Present day Tamaki River Connections.

My Popplet on the Tamaki River By Yvette

My Popplet on the Tamaki River By Oh S'mar

This is my Popplet on the Tamaki River and my connections to it.

Friday, October 11, 2013

My time at Latham's House By Thomas

Yesterday I went over to Lathams house for a sleepover. When I arrived we started to play with lego. We made creations and used lathams' dads Iphone to make stop motion. We got bored and started to watch dracula. The 1931 original version. Luckily at the end Van housing stabbed a stake through dracula's heart. When we fell asleep I got nightmares. In the morning Latham and I made toast and eggs. We ate them while playing minecraft on his Xbox. I am not very good at minecraft because I kept getting killed by Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers and falling down holes. Today I came back home and I am sad because I cannot see latham until next week. It was great fun staying with him and I wish I could stay longer.

Monday, October 7, 2013

My swimming day during the holidays By Harry

In the holidays my Mum and I went to the swimming pools. When we got there, the outside swimming pool did not have any water. After we changed into swimming clothes, we went to the pools, leaving my googles' case in the changing cabin. I went to the adults' pool with my mum. She took me halfway in the adults pool. It was a bit uncomfortable because the water was much higher and it was pushing our air down. Then my mum wanted to go to another pool which was a spa. But she saw some men who looked rough, so she didn't go to the spa pool and went to the shower instead. After she dressed back to her normal clothes, she waited for me to finish playing in the pool. When I was getting dressed, I spotted the goggle case we had left back at the changing cabin. Lucky that we didn't lose it after all.

What I did over the weekend By Lavinia

What I did in the weekend

It was Saturday morning the sun was shining brightly. I got dressed and my uncle picked me up and my cousin was in the car. We went to Sylvia Park and walked all the to Kiwi Yo. What I had from Kiwi Yo was I had a Red Velvet ice cream, MnM's, Whipped cream, Brownies, Oreo's and hot Chocolate sauce. It was so YUMMY!!!!!.  Once me and my cousin had finished our ice creams we went Super Bowl. When we got there there was loud music and disco lights flashing it was cool.  We got 22 tokens each the game I loved the most was Deal or no Deal there was many other games I loved but that was my favourite. We had to go home after that It was such a fun day.

Then my six cousins (including me) and my aunty went over to my cousins house. We had dinner, for dinner we had pizza it was DELICIOUS!!!!. I was so full after that I was so tired I was the first one to go to sleep. I was the first one to wake up in the morning, then all of us went to the pools we spent a long time there. I was in the middle of the wave part it was so fun it was going up and down up and down, but we had to leave once we all got dressed.  Then we were hungry so we decided to go and have some lunch. We got Fish n Chips and we went to the Park the sun was shining I felt so hot I felt like I was in an oven. Once we finished our food we play some games like Octopus and Stuck in the mud and relays and many more other games. I t was such a fun day I would do it again.

THE END!!!!!:)      

Making Weapons By Latham


Last Sunday My dad my brother and I made weapons. 

First we went for a bush walk and found sticks. Then I found some string. 

 My brother found a stick which was spiky. 

 Then he found some flax. 

Then we went home and my brother make a sword but it was not tight so my dad helped. 

 My dad helped with my one too. 

I made a bow and arrow using the string and a stick. 

 My brother called his sword the Excalibur
based on the sword stuck in the rock and then pulled out by King Arthur. 

Then we got a hot glue gun and glued a crystal into my bow and arrow and my brothers sword.

We let them dry and then we played with them.  

 My brother gave me one of his arrows so my bow and arrow worked and we had a fun day.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 1 of the School Holidays By Yvette

What I Did Today
Today was the last day of school for me. I go to Panmure Bridge School in Panmure Auckland. Today after school by dad, brother and I went to my brother’s soccer practice. My brother plays for fencibles in howick. We left home at 4:00 pm and arrived at his training and game ground at 4:16 pm. Unfortunately my brothers coach texted him the wrong time to get there. he was supposed to get there  at 5:00 but his coach told him to be there at quarter past 4:00. Luckily some of his teammates were there for him to hang out with or train with until the big match started. While we were waiting my dad and I went to Carl's Juniors for some food. I had a Western double bacon cheeseburger(YUMMY!!!), My dad had a low carb burger(BORING!!1).

I was so full after that burger and I still needed to eat chips. If you haven’t ordered medium sized chips at Carl's Juniors they are so HUGE. when you go to MCDonalds and you buy small sized chips,  Carl's Juniors chips are 3 times bigger. and has 4 times more chips inside. Once we finished eating we went back to my brother’s home ground and watched him play. Technically I didn’t watch him play, instead I went to go play at the new park that has just been built right next to the ground. It was so cool. Sadly my brother and his team lost their game against this other. I totally forgot the name of the other team.

After the game finished my dad, brother and I went home. during the journey home we played I spy to keep something happening in the car.

That is the end of what I did today.

Fine's Holiday Reading

This is my book review on A Medal For Leroy. I recommend you to read this book.

My Awesome Swim By Caitlin

My Awesome Swim

Today I went swimmming with my Nan, Auntie, Cousin and my Sister. We went to the Panmure Lagoon pools. We were in the inside pools because the outside pools were not open. When I got in the water it was really cold but when I was in there for a while I got use to the water and it got warmer.

Me, My cousin and my Auntie were playing Shark. Shark is where someone has to chase you and then they have to hold you for 3 seconds and then you are in. My Auntie got tagged the most and I got tagged the least because I was hiding in the corner. My Nan just watched us swim. My favourite part was when we went to the big pool and we had a swimmming race. I versed my sister and I won so they called me the champion I hope we can go back there soon.

My Holiday to Butterfly Creek By Jessie-Lee

My Holiday to Butterfly Creek on Saturday me and my sister Leilani we went to Butterfly Creek 
it was so fun I feed the goats and this man called James he took me and my sister Leilani to see the Crocodile's and that was fun to see the Crocodile's and James he feed the Crocodile's.
By Jessie Lee 

What I did today By Lavinia

Today my aunt my seven cousins and I went to the pools. It was only a short drive, so we got there and we went inside. Once we got inside I was so ready to jump into the pool.  Then we were allowed to go into the pool it was so warm inside that pool, then we went to find a clear space.  We were doing relays and competitions  we were there for a long time but it was time to go I didn't want to go but we had to.  It was a long day I felt tired. After that we went to the shops to go and get some fish n chips they were yum, after that I felt so full and tired I went and had a sleep. 

What I did Today

Day 2 of the School Holidays By Angel

Today my family and I went to the Rocket Ropes next to Butterfly Creek.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Production Brochure By Harry

This is my outside template brochure on Aoraki's Canoe how the Southern Alps was made.

My Xtra Maths Results By Samantha

This is my Xtramaths Results. I think that I need to get no questions wrong. I also think that I can move on to the next level, but other than that I am very proud of myself for trying my best.

My Current Events Quiz Results for the whole term By Zeba

This is my results from this whole term.

Aoraki's Canoe By John

This is my inside template of my brochure for the production.

My Production Programme By Yvette

My outside template brochure on the production By Halaiano

This is my outside template and I hope you love my work.

Production Information By Jessie

My outside template of the production By Latham

This is my outside template brochure on the school production. In the production I am Aoraki Mt Cook.

My Production Reflection By Caitlin

My Production Reflection

Our class production is about Aoraki and the Southern Alps. It is about how the South Island was made.   The main actors are Aoraki (Latham), Tuterakiwhanau (Patrick), Rangi Sky Father (Halaiano), Papa Earth Mother (Lavinia), Hine nui I te po (Fine), Narrator (Angel), Mokopuna (Caitlin, Samantha, Oh S’mar Ducks (Raymond and Jason), Fish (San Tat, . The props we have made are tussocks, flax, bushes, trees, mountains, flowers and something that is really important in our production is our waka. The props were made by our whole class. Mrs Kelly has been helping us with the decorating and the designing. For most of our costumes that we have made we have used cardboard. Everyone with a speaking role has managed to learn their lines. I think that we are making really good progress in our production. The things that need to improved on are that some people need to speak louder and look at the audience more. I think that our class production is going really well. In the production my role is Mokopuna. I have a speaking part in the production. The main thing that Mokopuna has do is help Tuterakiwhanau find Aoraki. Most of our actors are using expression. I think that Papa (Lavinia) is really good with using her body language to show expression. Her hand gestures are really good. I think that timing is the thing that we need to work on because some of the flowers pop up too late.
Rangi (Halaiano) is good when he lifts up the mountains as if they were pebbles. Tuterakiwhanau (Patrick) needs to work on expression and look at the audience a little more. Narrator (Angel) is really good at speaking clearly and using lots of expression. Hine Nui I te Po (Fine) is doing good work but needs to use a little bit more expression.