Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Time at the Swimming Pool By Tai

When I went down the water slide at Panmure Pools I was thinking the building will fall to the ground. When I went back up I slipped down the stairs. I went up again. The slide was full of people. It took me a long time to get back up. I was the last one to go down the slide. When everyone went down I went down last. I finished going down the slide and went to play with my cousin. We played in the deep end. We got out of the pool but I tried to get out but my cousin pushed me back in. I pretended to drown. My cousin put his hand out. I grabbed his hand and pulled him in.

Xtra Maths results and reflection By Shailah

I need to work on 2+7     5+9     7+9  4+4   7+0 1+9. I just need to speed up with are 5+2, 4+2. I got 0+1 0+5 2+0 4+0 right. I think i need to improve on 5+2,  0+2,  5+ facts.

My Time at the Swimming Pool By Nyjah

I was about to go on the hydro slide but I was feeling nervous. I had butterflies in my tummy, that meant I was very frightened, but i did it! I was very very scared though. The  slide was full of darkness. At the end of the slide I splashed so loud it was like a dragons roar. When I went in the water my Mum and my two Brothers were watching me go down the slide. I had so much fun going down the hydro slide. It was a very hot day when we went there.

Alex's Icecream Combinations

These are my ice cream mixtures there are six slides and that means six ice creams with six combinations.

My Plus Symbol By Sanujan

This is my maths symbol of plus.
I learnt how to define the plus symbol.
It was fun making plus but we have to be very careful to put the plus in the middle.

Making Chocolate Crackles

Today we were learning to: follow a recipe, make accurate measurements and work together a team. We made Chocolate Crackles. We learnt how to fill a cup with ricebubbles, coconut and icing sugar. We also measured out Tablespoons of Cocoa. Check out how we made them.

Chocolate Crackles from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

My time at the Swimming Pool

My Time at the Swimming Pool By Najib

I was so scared because my Dad said “ Let’s go home”, and I said “ No I want to stay”. My Dad said “Fine then”. I asked him, “Can I do some tricks?” He said “Go on then and I did a backflip, I did a jump, I crossed my leg under the water and I did backstroke. It  was so much fun! After I had  my fun,  we walked home.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thinking Groups: Icecream combinations

Today we were put into Thinking groups to work out the number of combinations of double scooped ice creams we could make using six flavours.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Alex's Xtra Maths Reflection

Today I am learning to write a reflective Xtra Maths description

I am really good at my 0+,2+and 3+ facts.
I need to work on some of my 4+,5+,7+,8+and 9+ facts.
I need to work on answering the addition facts within 3 seconds.

Tai's Family Tree

My family tree has lots of people that I know in the world. Some of my family are from the Cook Islands and from Australia.

My Xtra Maths results

Today I am learning to write a detailed reflective Xtra Maths description.

I got most of my addition facts right. I am fast at answering the 0 + facts,  7+ facts, 8 + facts and 6 + facts. There was one question that I got wrong was 4 + 7.
I got 4 + 7 wrong because I was under pressured and my fingers must have knocked the wrong keys. 
 I need to work on answering all addition facts correctly within three seconds. 
I will improve my result next time by practising my facts and learning them at home. 

Joshua's Family Tree

This is Joshua's Family Tree. He comes from a large family and has lots of Aunties and Uncles. Some of Joshua's family members come from Niue.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Understanding the Addition Symbol

This week we have been learning about the addition symbol and what it means.

Making ten using Multi-Link cubes

Today we were learning to make combinations to ten using multi-link blocks. Listen to how we made groups to ten. 

Addition to ten from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Sanujan's Family Tree

This is my family I made it using popplet. It is to easy to write about my family names.

Liam's Family Tree


 This is my family tree I made on popplet. I come from a big family where I have lots of Aunties, Uncles and cousins. 

Juliet's Family Tree

This is my family tree I made it by going on to Popplet. I used different colours because I wanted to do it in a pattern.

Najib's Family Tree

This is my family tree. I made it using popplet I liked writing in and ordering my families names.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

All about me Avalon

This is my first post. I have learnt how to put my photo up on my blog.
I have also learnt to change the background colour.

All about me Aung Naing

This is my first post using Google Draw. I learnt how to change my colours.  

All about me Joseph

I learnt how to go on the Google site and copy and paste.
I learnt how to put details in my work and how to Publish it.
I learnt how to log in my gmail and I also know how to labels it.
I learnt how to save it too and i know how to change my background.
I learnt how to change my word to neat or straight.
I learnt how to put a photo of me and how to change the colour of the word.
I learnt how to spell my word right and how to make it sense.
I learnt how to put lots of facts in my writing and how to brain it.
I learnt how to comment and how to linked.
I learnt how to add more information and how to make it normal.
I learnt how to make the letters small or big.
I learnt how to post it on my blog.
I learnt how to post a new post.
I learnt how to change my name to any colour.

All about me Jacob


This my first time posting the blog. I learnt how to change the background colours, change the photo, word art and
to publish my learning on my blog. Thank you for reading this post.

All about me - Alareeo

This is my first Google drawing.
I am learning how to use Google drawing.
I have learnt how to write a description about myself.

I learnt how to put a photo onto my Google drawing, how to add text and how to change the background.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

All About Me Alex

Hello my name is Alex and this is my All About Me poster I made using Google Draw.

All about me Nazanin

Hi my name is Nazanin and I am a year 5. I  learnt how to take screenshots and post on my blog. 

All about me Liam

This is my all about me poster. I learnt about my birthday, my country and my favourite things.

All about me Sanujan


This my work about all about me. I learnt how to change the background colour, how to change the photo and how to change the letter colours.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Our Padlet on: What makes an effective learning environment

Today we brainstormed what makes an effective learning environment. These were some of the ideas such as: staying focused, listening attentively, following instructions, showing respect, looking after each other, etc. The ideas brainstormed today will formulate the Class Treaty.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Our Voice Thread on: What is a Learning Hero?

Today we made a brainstormed what a learning hero is and shared our learning in a Voice Thread. A Learning Hero is a role model for learning whom we can aspire to. These were some of the ideas the students brainstormed: someone who aims high, follows instructions, completes their work within the set time, listens to others and someone who cares.

The class of 2015

Welcome to our first post for 2015. We are a Years 4-5 class and our teacher is Miss Paton. We are in Room 7. Room 7 has 27 enthusiastic students who will be starting their digital learning journey this year. They will be presenting their learning onto an individual blog, will be using the SAMR model in Reading and will be making comments to blogs in the school, cluster and beyond. We are looking forward to a fun filled year.