Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DLO: The amount of fats and sugars in packet food

This is my D.L.O based on how much fat and sugar are in these foods.

The amount of fats and sugars in packet food

Today I have been using wevideo to share how much sugar and fat there is in the packaged foods. I know that the Coca Cola had the most sugar in it and had no fat in them. I also know that the Tiny teddy has the least amount of fat and sugar in them. The Coca Cola surprised me with the amount of sugar in it.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Exploring Capital Letters By Jacob

this is my capital letters work

What's in my Lunchbox By Aung Naing

This is my food in my lunch box.The one is not healthy was Chips and the fruit is healthy

Place Value using two digit numbers By Hajera


 Today I was given a number. I had to make the number using tens and ones blocks and had to express the number as an equation. I also had to write the number in words

My Go Animate Retelling By Marieta

My Go Animate Retelling

This is my retelling of when Ruby did not make the team. We did this on go Animate. We had to pick characters and drag them onto the background.

Go Animate Presentation By Sky

Click on the link below

Go Animate Retelling

This is my retelling of Making the team in are movie on Go Animate and I just finished it today.

My Go Animate Retelling By Jacob

My Go Animate Retelling
This is my video that  I made on go Animate and its about a girl that could not make the team

Ways I look after myself By Sanujan

This is my brochure on ways I look after myself at home and at school.

What's in the classes lunchboxes? By Liam

Today room 7 learnt to make a chart for the classes lunchboxes. In the column that was the highest were the chips in the pie graph and the bar chart. The least popular foods were the Jelly and the Meat. The fruit and the Milk were the second highest popular groups on the chart. There were less sandwiches in the class.

What I learnt at Whai By Nyjah

This is what I have learnt at whai work.When I stared whai I thought that it would be hard but then it turned out to be easy.

What's in the classes lunchbox? By Juliet

In Room 7, potato chips were the most popular lunch box food. There were 21 packets of chips in the class. This was way too high. The secound favourite food items was fruit. The least popular food that were in our lunch boxes was the jelly. The most popular food in the lunch box were chips.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Number Houses By Avalon

This is my Number house learning. We had to order hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and ones.

The number of tens in 2 digit numbers By Tai

This is my place value using 2 digit numbers. I have done this on Google draw. I had to choose a 2 digit number. I also had to write it the word, express it using tens and ones, and expand it.

Statistical Investigation By Sky

This was my lunch taking on Wednesday July 22nd. As you can see I had some sandwiches, Bars and Fruit. My lunch was healthy for me but my bars were not. I really like my lunch. The things that I need to add to my lunch are vegetables and yogurt.    

Thinking Groups Learning By Alex

This is my thinking groups work. I worked with Sanujan and Liam.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Electives-Mask Making

Mask Making from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

This video is about Mask Making

During the first six weeks of this term, we have electives in which the students can choose which programme to go to. Miss Paton runs a mask making workshop in which there are sixteen boys and one girl that attend it from the five senior classes. We are currently making plaster bandage masks. Each student has to sit very still while vasceline and wet plaster bandages get applied to their faces. The students have to sit still for fifteen minutes while their masks dry on their faces. During the last five minutes a hair dryer blows warm air onto the mask which assists with the drying process. It has been a fun activity. We aim to make five masks each week until everyone has a mask.