Saturday, September 12, 2015

Caesar's argument on: Should we let people into the forest?

This is my argument on Should we let people into the forest? I am against people going into the forest.    

Should we let people into the forest?
State what you are arguing about
State your opinion
For or Against
My argument is about people going into the forest.  A forest has lots of trees and they grow on mountains and in valleys. I am against people going into the forest because something dangerous might happen to them. They can leave behind lots of rubbish. When they protect the forest, people don’t look after it because they leave rubbish and things lying round.
Reason 1
Supportive details

If we let people into the forest they could get lost, parents would be worried and they would call the police. The police are very busy arresting people and taking guns off people. The police take bad people to the police station and stop what they are doing. If people got lost in the forest, the police would have to go and rescue some people. If people were in the forest too long they would start to get sick and they might die because they didn’t have any food, drink or medicine.
Reason 2

Supportive details

If people bring some snacks like a muesli bar, chocolate, chips and cookies into the forest they would leave rubbish lying around in the forest. Possums and rats can eat rubbish that have been left on the ground and that would bring lots more of them. Rats are not good because they might give rabies to the other animals. If the rubbish is left on the ground sometimes it can cause a fire. If someone chucks a bottle on dry grass it can cause fire and the fire could go all over the place. If it goes all over the place, it is putting people’s lives and animal’s lives at risk. Cigarette smoking in forests can create fires especially if the ground is dry. I feel that people should be banned from going into our beautiful New Zealand forests.
Reason 3

Supportive details         
If we go into the forest sometimes there could be wild animals. Animals come out at night while you are sleeping. The animals are wild pigs, deers wild boars, rats and possums. Mosquitoes also come out and bite people in the forest. This can cause problems, if you are allergic to mosquito bites.   
I think that people should not go into the forest as they can get lost, leave rubbish lying round and can create fires through leaving glass bottles and smoking cigarettes in the forest. We need to keep our forests clean, green and beautiful, so banning people will stop any damage humans cause.  

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