Saturday, September 12, 2015

Should we change the New Zealand Flag? By Joel

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A flag is something that waves on a pole. It represents a country and identity. Every flag has a meaning. The pattern and design on the flag may represent a culture. Our argument is about changing the New Zealand flag. We are for changing the New Zealand flag.
Reason 1
Supportive details

We think that the New Zealand flag should be a Maori pattern to show the culture and history of our country.
Maori people lived in New Zealand longer than the English people. New Zealand should have a flag that represents all cultures especially Maori and English.
Reason 2

Supportive details

We don’t like the current New Zealand flag because
it's too dark and too bright.
I don’t know what the Union Jack means it has nothing to do with our country. The Union Jack is a British  symbol. We need to have more New Zealand symbols on our flag.  
Reason 3
Patterns and Voting

Supportive details

We think that the New Zealand flag should be a koru pattern. Our flag should be a red background with a green koru.
If we have a koru on the New  Zealand flag then it will
be much better.


I’m for changing the flag because we need a change.
The current flag is out of date and needs a makeover. The new flag needs to represent our culture and symbols that make New Zealand a great country.  

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