Saturday, February 20, 2016

At the beach. Narrative by Mele

One Summer holiday there lived a family called the Williams family. The mother’s name was Melody, the father's name was Nicky and the daughter’s name was Fiona. They lived in New York next to Time Square. The one thing that Fiona hated was the heat in New York. The other thing that Fiona loved was dancing. Every time it was hot in New York Fiona and her parents always liked going to the beach for a swim.  Nicky decided to go for a swim at the beach so he asked his family whether they wanted to go to the beach. Everyone said yes. So they found their swimming things and headed off for the beach.

As they arrived the beach was high tide and Fiona went for a swim straight away. The tide was rough and had big waves. She went passed the flag without the lifeguard knowing. The tide swept her away.

Her father noticed Fiona had been swept away so he ran and told the lifeguard. The lifeguard immediately called other lifeguards for help. They got the rescue boat and out they went searching for Fiona.While Fiona was waiting for the lifeguards to come and save her she felt something that touched her leg so she screamed out  from far away ”Dad I need help”. Nicky didn’t even hear her. So Fiona yelled again “Dad help me”.  Nicky heard her so he said “Wait the life guards are coming to save you”.

As the lifeguards got there on the rescue boat Fiona nearly drowned. One of the lifeguards grabbed her by the hand and lifted  her up to the boat. As they brought her to the sand her parents were happy that they rescued her. Fiona was relieved at the end. They first gave her first aid and thought that she had swallowed a lot of water but she was fine. At last the family were relieved that Fiona was rescued and she appreciated what the lifeguards had done. The family thanked the lifeguards and thought that Fiona would not have made it without the lifeguards.  

This is my narrative story I wrote. I had to write a fiction story about the beach. First I wrote the orientation. I also had to add some characters in my narrative.

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